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Just started taking Savella


Okay, so for the last month now, my doctor put me on a prescription called Savella, has anyone heard or is taking or has taken this before? What I notice is that it works well for my restless legs syndrome…yay…but my pain is still alive and well, hopefully after some time I notice positive changes in the tender points of my back and shoulders. The good news is though, my doctor has been walking with me in this journey for almost 5 years now. Yep the same doc, he is my second doctor for fibromyalgia and I am so thankful that he helps me along with suggestions. However, things work differently for others so I wanted some feedback on this medication specifically for fibro pain, it is very expensive even with insurance so to me it is vital I can get as much info for more research other than google


I have been taking Savella for 4 or 6 yrs now. The 'script is 2 - 50mg/day, I tried to do the one in the AM & one in the PM, but the AM one would Kick my Fanny! I felt like a sleepwalker, it was Horrible. I now take 2@ 7P & I have noticed that if I don’t take the Med, I Feel it. Both my PCP & Pharmacist worked Hard to get me this Med. Does your MD have “The Closet”? It is where the samples are for the less unfortunate patients. Have you gone to your MD’s office during a Flare? It puts them into a certain perspective that they think “OOOOOOooooooh, sit (with an h in it)”. I was asked about the muscle relaxant I told him it didn’t work & gave it back to the pharmacist. So I was 'scripted a stronger relaxer & a nausea pill for the pain pill. Yes we are like snowflakes, not a one of us has the same chemistry. I am Glad you have an MD like I have. We both have learned together about this challenging syndrome, disease, thingy. Peace, Love & Light. Maggi.


Yes, Maggie, we are fortunate with the doctor who listens… thank you for sharing, I take the first in the morning, but I feel like I am not taking my second one in the night because it diffuses the purpose of my night time medication, so since you take both at one time, I am thinking of taking the second in the afternoon because then this way I still get my dose and it will not interfere with the night time RLS sleep medication. I thought I would be feeling better since I went on disability, I am trying to go for walks in the morning, but man, the flares, the burning sensation, the sensitivity on my skin…I guess I thought it would go away if I just took a break from working. But my doctor says, do the whole 90 days, heal to the best I can and don’t worry so much. So this is what I am trying to do. Its been hard since I am so used to working 50 hours a week to just getting up in the morning and takin a few hours to walk, yoga and just breathe… sorry I am blabbing, thanks for listening.



Good. Do so. Just make certain that your MD Knows at what times you are taking them. “blabbing” is welcomed here. Love, Light & Peace. Maggi.

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Hi- I tried Savella. It gave me the most terrifying hallucinations. that’s one of the side effects. After 4 awful days with my husband very worried, the doctor took it away from me. Every person has different side effects OR none at all.
good luck with your journey on this med. hopefully it works well for you.


I was taking Savella and Lyrica for about 8 years. Between the two I was doing really well. After I had to discontinue the Lyrica, the Savella alone does not seem to be doing anything so I am discontinuing it as well. I was taking 100 mg twice day with no side effects once I was on it for a couple months.