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Just found this site after a friend recommened it to me. I was diagnosed in January so I’m still fighting my way through all the information. I think I’ve had it for a long time but just recently got worse until I saw a rheumatologist. I take effexor, Tramadol, Gabapentin and recently tumeric with other supplements. I still work 33 hours a week but that’s getting harder everyday to continue. I am married and my husband is wonderful. We are fighting as hard as we can. He’s having a hard time facing that I can no longer do some things we used to do. I have a grown daughter and 3 grand sons. My daughter is amazing! Well, that’s about it. Any questions just ask.

Welcome Janet. There is a lot of information here, as well as support.

One thing to remember. You need to keep living your life. Yes you will be making changes as you go along, but you would be doing that any way. Fibro will effect your life, but don't let it become your life.

Hi Janet,

Just stopping by to say hi and to welcome you . I believe everyone has different levels of/and intensity of this and I think one should go at his or her own pace. Do what works for you and is best for you . And know that here on this sight there is support , information and friendship.

All the best,

Hi Janet,
Welcome! I too am trying the Turmeric/Curcumin–just started today. Let me know if it helps you and I will do the same.