Just in a car accident :-(

Right now I feel like I am being punished. I have had the worse case of bronchitis ever and this will be week 4. I have had 2 antibiotics back to back and a few days after the 2nd one was finished I started to feel worse and I never really got better.
So one my way to go get some cough and pain meds I rear ended the person in front of me. I wasn’t going real fast. I didn’t have a seat belt on and my air bag didn’t go off. I hit the stearing wheel with my chest and head and my knees when into the dash. The person I hit was fine and little damage to his car. Me and my car r addifferent story. I have no idea how bad my car is. I will know more tomorrow. My head, neck, back, chest, and knees r in bad shape. Nothing is broken the only piece of good news. I am in so much pain. My fibro went into a flare right away.
I am very worried that my bronchitis is going to turn into pneumonia since I will not be up and about and not on any antibiotics. We r getting another snow storm starting Monday night so that will only bring on more pain.
I feel like I am being punished for something. How can all this be happening at one time. What did I do? For those of u that pray I could use all the prayers I can get. So if u can please pray for me.
I am not sure how fast I will recover from this accident. Has any one had a car accident with fibro? If so can u please give me any tips on getting better. Also can u let me know how your recovery went. Right now all I want to do is sleep. I am hurting a lot dispite the pain meds and being really sick with this horrible case of bronchitis doesn’t help.
I am not trying to get symptathy. I just need some help. I feel like I am in a living hell right now. I know God gives us battles but right now I don’t really have any engery to fight.
Thank you my fibro family you r the best. Stephanie

Stephanie, I wouldn't say you are being punished. You are suffering the results of a car accident, one that you rear-ended the car in front of you. It sounds as though you might have been following too closely behind the vehicle in front of you. Or you were distracted somehow because you obviously didn't see the brakes applied on the previous car. However it happened it's not pleasant to be hurting in all these places.........not at all.

If you have taken two series of antibiotics for your bronchitis and you still are barttling it, then you need to get back to the doctor and see what he wants to do with you. You can't just ignore this Stephanie because it's not just magically going to disappear on its own.

I am praying for healing for you. I think you should talk to your doctor about your accident. He might want to take some x-rays.

Take care of yourself Stephanie.

Love and gentle hugs


Alright, I guess I'm going to be the heavy and ask why you would even start your car without putting a seat belt on????? Perhaps you have discovered their value, perhaps it is a warning that you are not well enough to be driving. I'm fussing you because I care!

I am very sorry that you have this to deal with on top of your bronchitis. You are going to be stiff and sore like never before, too much lying around is only going to make you worse, but you have to make sure nothing is broken or cracked, like a rib. The OTC sports cream or icy hot may help, but you cannot use these with a heating pad. Hot baths and showers will also help.

Have they done any kind of culture, I think it's called a sensitivity test, to see which antibiotics will respond to this type of infection, but I'm not really sure how they do that with the lungs. Have you had problems with recurring strep or have mold in your home? I tested highly allergic to indoor and outdoor mold, so this is why I ask. Only things I can think of, Steph, but I'm not a Doctor. I have some antibiotic allergies, and one group has caused me Achilles tendon tears, so I'm difficult to treat as well.

I don't think you're being punished for anything either, I just don't think you are feeling well enough to concentrate.

I hope you soon get the right meds and the right answers.

Wishing you well,


I am praying…
God never gives you more than you can handle

I agree with the above and strongly urge you to get to the doctor. In the meantime I am sending you gentle hugs and prayers :slight_smile:

Hi Stephanie ,
Your going through a lot and I am so sorry this happened.

Take a nice warm shower for your body from the accident.

When you lay down , use an electric blanket if you have one for stiff muscles.
I would try some ice packs on your knees ect…

DONT keep your drink close by so you have to get up to drink something and use the bathroom.
But make sure you drink plent of fluids.

DONT to drink anything cold. It makes bronchitis worse and a lot of people don’t know that.
Bronchitis likes hot, warm or room tempature for eating or drinking.

IF You can use a humidifier with good water only that would keep things loose where you can cough and get stuff out if you need to.

Now that you were in the accident, are you without a car and I there anyone that can take you to docs if you have to go?

IF YOU KNOW ALL THIS ALREADY, IM SORRY : ( I’m just trying to think of things I have had to do.
If you get bored, I’m here. : ) take real good care. Please let me know how you are doing. Love fibroerr

Ewwwwwwwwww. Car accidents are nasty business, even without fibro. I hate to ask this, but should you even be driving any more? Did the fibro affect your concentration, leading to the accident? Or was it the bronchitis? Either way, if you're in that much pain, you shouldn't be driving because it messes with your concentration. And my gosh, it could be even worse next time. And I'm not saying this to lecture you because I just was in one myself and maybe if my concentration had been better I might have seen the other driver coming at me.

In answer to your question, I was recently in a car accident, back in mid-January, and my knees got worse. That doesn't mean that you will follow the same path. Everyone's bodies heal differently. I think it was only a matter of time with my knees anyway. But you don't want to repeat what happened because it seems to me that car accidents seem to be involved in many people's fibro tales of woe.

Seriously though, you might want to consider limiting your outings so that you have someone else drive you or at the very least someone driving with you, in order to help with keeping your mind on the road. Again, advice that I myself follow whenever I can get my sister to come along.

Good luck, Stephanie, and i hope you get to feeling better.

Ah Stephanie, gee you can’t get a break !!! First, I’m so glad you were not injured To horribly , Although with fibro it sure will feel like its horrible. I say try and keep moving, get up and move every 30min - an hr. I’m sure your already exhausted with this ongoing Bronchitis, But sleeping or staying in bed all day will not be good, yes rest , but keep that circulation going, how is the asthma ?
You are not being punished !! God loves you and while he does allow for us to make our own choices which can result in misery sometimes, I don’t think you have done anything that makes you deserve this ! My brother is such a wonderful person, like I could write a book about how wonderful he is, however he has been sick his entire life, born with cystic fibrosis, just had a bilateral lung transplant, & is suffering like crazy, but he thanks god everyday for his new lungs, even though right now he is sicker than he was pre- transplant. This is how I know for certain god does not use illness to punish us !
So I won’t lecture you on the whole seatbelt thing, I’m thinking you must have just forgot, be safe … Please !
As for this ongoing Bronchitis … I’m thinking your immune system is in the toilet, do you take supplements like echinacea, zinc, vit c ???
The best money I ever spent was on a book called Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis A. Balch 5 th edition, so I looked up Bronchitis it highly recommends Pycnogenol, Quercitin C from Ecological formulas, Vit A, plus natural beta-carotene, vit C, under very important recommendations - it says, Q10, methylsulfonyl-methane( MSM ), bromelain , vit E, & sink lozenges, look some of these up, always check with your dr. But I think if it were me I’d attack that Bronchitis with some supplements.
I’m so sorry you are going through this, I was thinking about you last night, I have had an ongoing migraine since the beg. Of Feb. ugh , never had so many migraines & it’s not even spring, so I really stated taking more magnesium… Hope it helps, I’m getting re- bound H/a now … Not fun !!!
Prayers, & blessings for a speedy recovery from that accident
Sending big hugs


My allergies were also bad in Feb, so I wonder if migraines and allergies can be set off by similar circumstances? I hope you can get them under control. I know it's no easy task! But I hope something changes and they go away. I so much feel for all of you who get them!

Oh, Eeyoreluver, I am so sorry. It was before my fibro diagnosis, but I'm sure it had begun in 2002. I had a bad accident. I was on my way to work and was on off ramp from freeway going 35 to 40 mph. My light was green so I kept on going. The lady who had a red light didn't stop, she crossed my lane and I hit her hard. My car bounced off of hers and went across intersection and hit a second car that was waiting for her light to turn green. It felt like my little car would never stop. Then my car bounced off of hers and I went through the grass and hit the concrete wall that separates the freeway from the private homes. I appeared to be fine, believe it or not. I had a little Ford Escort wagon that I loved. I had my seat belt on and the air bag opened and probably saved my life.

I didn't go anywhere by ambulance, but when my husband came he took me to the hospital. The doctor found nothing wrong, but I had low back pain. He warned me to REST!!!! They told me it could take days before the pain from the 3 hits to catch up with me. It did. I hurt all over for about a week. Then I went through a lot of back pain before I had surgery for it in 2005. That part of my back is great, it's the only part of my back that's good! LOL!

So, you take it easy. Remember stress releases that cortisol hormone that causes us more pain so worrying about it is going to make it worse. Just do nothing for several days because it can come on late. SLEEP if you feel like sleeping. Take very warm baths in epsom salts and a little baking soda. It does help. Keep yourself warm. Do you have a vaporizer or humidifier for your broncitis? Do like dee says and move.

Maybe having your prescriptions mailed to you in the future would be very helpful.

Be kind to yourself! Stay in where it's warm.

xoxo God Bless!


AMEN. And He loves us more than we know.

Hi Stephanie, I'm so sorry, you poor girl. Did the car you hit have working brake lights? Just a thought. All the advice here is good, but most important get checked out by a doctor, asap. Also, a nice warm bath, (or hot tub) and an electric blanket is an excellent idea. The heat will help prevent your muscles getting too stiff. While your in the tub, try gently massaging, and stretching your legs. Get better soon, hugs Charlie.

A more herbal and natural approach. You have probably heard it all before.


I like the part of this that says "Try to forget everything that is not vital to do at that moment! It will be there when you feel better and in order for someone to get over bronchitis, rest is essential - reduce stress and use the opportunity for good - to heal".


thanks for all the info you have givien me. i dont feel well enough to respond to each person i am sorry.

i know that when i left for the store i didnt feel well at all but i hadnt taken anything that would imapir my driving. however i guess feeling the way i did i should not have been driving. i remember my mom asking me if i was ok to go to the store and i said i would make. i did get distracted by a noise on my phone. i now know to not drive if i dont feel good.

my friend did recomend a hot bath last night she said i looked really tense. i hadnt thought of taking on cause i thought it would hurt being in a hard tub. well i am glad i decided to try. my body relaxed and i passed out quickly. i have been getting up and getting drinks and food. i have not been asking anyone to help. i figure i need to move around some.

the hospital didnt say i had a concusion but i think i do. i have been dizzy since the accidedt and my head had been hurting. i did hit my head on the streering wheel. i cant believe how much pain i am in. the pain killers help take the edge off but thats it.

i know i should have been whering a seatbelt. all i could think of when i left my house was the store is only about 5 minutes away and i just wanted to go and get back as quick as i could.

from now on i will think twice before getting into a car to drive. i will make sure i am not exhusted.

thanks for all the encouraging words.

as far as the broncitis i said something to the dr in the er. all he gave me was a few days of steriods and cough meds. i told him i had had it for a month and that 2 antibotics had not helped get rid of it.

i have no idea why he didnt give me another antibotic. if he realized that for the next few i would be laying around alot maybe he would have. i dont think he concidered that. i cant afford to get worse. so far my asthma has not bothered me too much.

i will see if someone could help me get some of the natural things maybe that will help my body get rid of this w/o antibitics

i might have thought of these but my head is messed up and i am not thinking straight. i didnt know about the cold drinks.


the ring from a cell phone is enough to distract you, especially when you aren't feeling well to begin with. I can't lecture you about no seatbelt as I do the same thing but man, you could have been thrown right out of your car.

One of the symptoms of concussion is dizziness. You really need to get back to the hospital ASAP to be tested for one. An untreated concussion could even be fatal. While you're there, get on them about the meds for your broncitis. As I've offered before, I am more than happy to advIocate for you by talking to the doctors or nurses for you. It really does sound like you need someone to help you out on this end. I could even ask others here about what to ask. I think it'd be win/win for you.

Other than that, it sounds like you need lots and lots of rest.

Good luck!

My prayers are with you! I did get into a car wreck i rear ended someone also. First i would get some more antibiotics before that storm hits and then just rest lots and lots of rest! Good luck on your recovery and you are not being punished at all! Again my prayers are with you! <3