Just got sent home from work due to migraine...I'm falling apart

Hi I’m new here and I was diagnosed when I was 20! 10 years later, fibromyalgia is a part of my life… I think the everyday pain I accept and it’s no surprise when I hurt… sometimes much worse then others…but the winter is hard on me and my poor body. The cooler it gets the more difficult it is to do everyday things. One pain I’ve been experiencing a lot of is migraines. :’( they hurt! I almost got sick in my truck on the way to work this morning but after a few gags… (sorry) I pulled myself together. I wore my sunglasses in work and that’s usually ok but my boss was in a mood he wanted to yell at me today. So the fact he couldn’t see my eyes or reaction to him bashing me made him mad. He started lecturing me and asking “do you hear me?!, are you getting any of this?!” I had a bit of an attitude due to his constant talking and the echoing of his voice in my head… impatiently waiting to go back to my desk, after standing and talking bout nothing at this point I go to my fest to take a Motrin 800 but before I get there I hear where do you think yr going?! So I walk back even more aggravated. Still no one talking and just standing around… I ask to be excused to my desk. He said fine but then took me in the hall to tell me he understands I have a headache… !!! A migraine! I corrected him then I went on to say there’s a big difference… He tried saying I didn’t care to listen to him and had an attitude. With tears streaming down my cheeks from behind my glasses I tell him his voice, anyones voice hurts my head! It echoes loudly! He said then if you don’t want to be here go. You shouldn’t be here if it’s that bad. (not sympathetic, mad at me) so I left. I’m at the doctors right now.yesterday just from being in the cold for 15 min the tips of my fingers swelled and became rock hard! Last night I woke up in so much pain I needed Motrin 800 but couldn’t move so stayed still till I feel back to sleep! I’m sick of complaining and being in so much pain… I’m sure my friends and family are sick of me complaining…I feel like a Debbie downer and I’m falling apart. (my doctor doesn’t really care or listen… I mentioned a handicap card for the winter to help with the pain but it was dismissed like I didn’t even say anything. I’m sad.

Unfortunately I’ve no words of wisdom for you. My Dr dismisses everything I say like it’s no big deal. And I should just learn to live in this much pain all the time. I have friends that are constantly in the er for one thing or the other. Yes I’m a Debbie downer too but I don’t know how else to be

Michelle, if anyone understands these issues it will be us and venting is an important part of this condition. I agree with the handi cap parking being important and am wondering if anyone else has gotten one, someone with only fibro and under 50 probably would be closest to my situation and I assume yours as well. Anyone have something about handi cap parking? I can't say I know how to deal with the migraines too well but the fact you weren't able to get to your meds I suggest a little bottle with some extra pills taped to the headboard or in the bed or on the side table so that those days you can't move you can get to the pills easier. I hope you get the answers you need and winter sucks!


i am so sorry about your day. i have migraines too and ii hate it when other say is a headache what do they know. it sucks that your dr wont listen to u. can u go to another more caring dr?? if u get migraines often there r daily meds u can take to prevent them.i am not sure if u have anything like that. there r several types in different classes. u may have to try more than 1 to figure out what works for.
as for your boss i am glad u r at home. if u can try not to think of what was yelled at you today just focus on trying to get rid of your migraine.
i wish u the best feel better soon

Michelle, your boss is being verbally abusive and if others are around hearing what he is saying to you, he is an idiot.I don't have migraines but have known people that did & they are horrible.He is the one that has his pants in a wad.I am retired nurse, document everything he said to you.As far as the dr. not listening to you, ask him if he is.If my dr. doesn't listen, I will get another one that will.Hope you get to feeling better.....Daphne

A. Your doctor stinks. Fire him if you possibly can.

B. Your boss could star in his own horror show. I swear it, your bad day sounds like the stuff of an awful nightmare. I was wincing right along with you as he yelled through your head. What a butthole, pardon the language. I mean, he's so stupidly annoying that he's almost laughable. I'm sure it's not funny to you but i could envision him looking like Al Bundy, sweating his brains off because he hasn't made enough sales for the week, and deciding to start yelling at you, sunglass girl. And his voice probably sounded just like the teachers on Charlie Brown: Waaaw waaaw waaaw waaaaaaaaaaaaaaw.

Anyway, Michelle, in case you can't tell, I'm in complete sympathy with you. What a terrible day!

My feeling is that you desperately need to find a doc who'll take your fibro AND migraines seriously and who'll help to manage your pain. I'd make sure I asked any potential doc if they treat other fibro and migraine patients before going to them.

As for your fingers, could you have Raynaud's Syndrome? Here is some info plus a link:

There are three distinct phases to an episode of Raynaud's disease. When first exposed to cold, small arteries respond with intense contractions (vasoconstriction). The affected fingers or toes (in rare instances, the tip of the nose or tongue) become pale and white because they are deprived of blood and, thus, oxygen. In response, capillaries and veins expand (dilate). Because these vessels are carrying deoxygenated blood, the affected area then becomes blue in color. The area often feels cold and tingly or numb. After the area begins to warm up, the arteries dilate. Blood flow is significantly increased. This changes the color of the area to a bright red. During this phase, persons often describe the affected area as feeling warm and throbbing painfully.