Just Fed Up!

Hello, everyone,

Just needed a moment to vent about something bothering me. I am currently taking 225 mg of Lyrica twice a day. Since I started taking Lyrica in December of last year, I have prob gained about 30 pounds. I started at 100. I am so uncomfortable and disgusted with myself it is ridiculous. I don't even want my boyfriend touching me for fear he will feel my fat rolls. I started at a size 5 and now I am a size 11. Well, scratch that the 11 don't fit anymore. Got bigger even though I barely eat and do exercises. On top of the weight gain, which is horrifying for an anorexic person, my sister who used to be the on the larger side now weighs about as much as I do and she is wayy taller than me. I looked up Savella and it interacts with the Cymbalta I am taking. Is there anything else that can give me the pain relief of Lyrica without this horrible weight gain? I feel like I am toting another person along with me all the time! :(

Hi Susan, I could not take Lyrica because I was allergic to it, so I only take Savella, occasionally Tizanadine, and of course a lot of vits. I was wondering how much relief do you get from the Lryica ? Is it worth all that weight gain ? I manage with just the Savella, but I never really had a lot of nerve pain, most of my pain is muscular & a lot of fatigue.
Perhaps talk to your dr about giving your body a break from this med… & see how it goes
You have to figure out how much the lyrica actually helps, I know for many it’s a lot, but I would be very unhappy about that weght gain as well !

Hugs &
dee B

Hi Susan
I’m sorry you are so fed up just now - and I completely understand where you are coming from regarding the weight gain issue.
I completely agree with dee’s comment regarding how lyrica helps your pain!
I am on 300mg twice a day plus cwmbalta, morphine patches and many other meds & vits, but along the way I have tried many other drugs given for fibro which sadly didnot even touch the pain!!! Or alternatively they didnot agree with me…,
I have gained a large amount of weight over the 4 years I have been suffering with fibro, I was so active and energetic before, now I struggle to get up my staircase.
I have had to consider the pros and cons and as lyrica has been the most successful drug in helping my pain and fatigue I came to the decision that I had to stick with lyrica - despite my outward appearance :frowning:
Of course you should be given the opportunity to try other meds to see if they work for you, and I hope that they do, I just thought I’d share my experience with you.
My thoughts are with you Susan.
Gentle hugs Bev

Hey Susan,

I'm on the 225mg, 3x daily for Sciatica. At times I swell so badly I have to stop if for a day or two and it naturally releases, I run to the bathroom constantly. I do this with the permission of my GP. I don't know of anything besides the Neurontin, and it does the same thing! If I can get away with less or none I am very happy about that, of course it's playing with fire to deviate so much with the dose! No happy medium that I know of!

Sorry girlfriend, wish I had happier news for you, and yes, I gained too, but the arthritis really tore me up and slowed me down too! Fear not, there are still lots of people to hear from about this!



Oh Susan do I ever know how you are feeling. I went from a tiny 103lbs to 157 in no time due to my meds. I was on Cymbalta, couldn't take lyrica but I think it was a combinations of everything I was on. I also have a Hypothyroid which makes losing weight that much harder. I joined a site SparkPeople and track everything from nutrition, exercise and weight and have lost 21lbs. Its been a long slow road for me but by just writing down or tracking what I am doing has made me more self conscience and this is helping me lose I think. Hang in there and keep trying different things, you may find something to help you... Gentle hugs, Robin

Thank you all for your thoughts. It helps me to know someone else can relate. I have tried Neurontin and for some odd reason it really messes me up. I looked up Savella, and it said it cannot be taken with Cymbalta. I done a little research last night, and it looks like every med for fibro can make you gain weight. I was quite depressed last night. This morning my body hurts sooo bad, and it reminded me of why I have to take Lyrica. It has been the only thing to make the pain less asides for high powered pain pills that I do not like to take. I started taking multivitamins and B complex. I am waiting to see if the vitamins do me some good. Anything I can do to help myself feel better? I do exercises and lay out in the sun every chance I get! Hugs to all!

Hi Susan,

I tried the Neurontin first, made me reel, like I was on a merry go round, going too fast all day and night, so that was out, took Savella, did really well for the first few months, it really brightened my mood, but after a few months I began to tremble uncontrollably, that was the end of that. As much as any of us hate to gain weight, it seems like one of the more benign side effects to deal with.

In choosing you vitamins, please make sure you are getting at least 1200 mg of calcium citrate daily (per my Rheum) and don't forget the magnesium for the muscles. Here is some info on that. I take 4 of these a day. http://www.livestrong.com/article/531142-the-dosage-of-magnesium-malate-for-fibromyalgia/


Magnesium will help you most with muscle aches, spasms. This was recommended by my Chiro!