I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced unintentional muscle jerks. I get them quite often and wasnt sure if it was related to fibro or not… its pretty unsettling and embarassing sometimes. Just curious if anyone has had any experience/tips. Thanks!

Hi Linpage13. I’m sorry that’s happening to you. I do have restless arms/legs, which makes my muscles twitch when I’m in bed or traveling/sitting too long. I’ve also experienced hard muscle jerking twice due to taking medicine that didn’t play nicely with my Cymbalta. Stopping the medicine resolved that problem. The best idea might be to discuss the problem with your physician. However, I would love to see how others on the forum respond. We might both learn something!

I get them. They are almost like convulsions. Mostly when I am lying down. Or in a lot of pain.

They started after I began taking Cymbalta. But have continued, even had them when I was off Cymbalta. Just figure they are part of the curse.

My hands have begun to jerk here lately. I’ve noticed it more so when I try to type.

Wish I could tell you how to solve the problem, but I can’t. :confused: If I could, maybe I would have solved this horrible puzzle of fibromyalgia.

Take care of yourself
Gentle Hugs

I never thought about this problem being another medication I am taking with Cymbalta. But then again, Cymbalta was one of the first medications I was on, except xanax and prempo.