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Hi, JCS!
I really LOVE the Invisible Illness pic!!! You should make a “topic” post for this, so everyone will be sure to see it! Did you make this or find it online???
Glad you are taking extra precautions to get enough rest during the Christmas hustle & bustle! :upside_down_face:

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I thought this pic was SO pretty! Makes me think of my Chester/Ginger!
Especial: “better or greater than usual; special”. I love that! That is Miss B for sure!!! :heart_eyes_cat:
I was SO cracking up about the triple headed parrot - Here are 3 with one head each! (That’s the best I can do):
Or, a 3 HEADED DOG?:
Snow Time = Showtime: That’s great! Maybe you could write a Broadway song with that! The snow is coming down here, again, today. Very pretty :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake: :snowman: :cloud_with_snow:
As for who taught Ginger to sing - idk. She would just hear music and join in, doing her own thing (with gusto!)! I should have recorded it! And, YES, she could LAUGH - very heartily!
Another Chester/Ginger story: I lived out in the country, at the time, and the houses were spaced pretty far apart. Late one night, when my young son and I were home, alone, someone knocked on the door. It was a guy needing directions. You could hear Ginger, in the background, saying (high pitched and loudly), “HELLO, HELLO, HELLOOOOO” over and over - It sounded like there was a senile old woman in the house! I was grateful it didn’t appear that I was all alone (even though he must have thought the other occupant was looney tunes!). :joy:

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Day 24, Wednesday (Day 3 of Week 4 Working 40%)

Sleep :-D. (Melatonin again probably didn’t make a difference and I had heartburn again…)
Weather: :smiley:
Work: 1.5h, easy. :smiley:
Energy & Pain: Fairly OK. :expressionless:
Cycling: OK, slow.
Breath-holding: Again didn’t.
Activities: Trying not to overdo it.
2 docs: I can go down one with the blood pressure pills :-D.
Table tennis 4 games: Tough! Have to reduce that more: :arrow_forward: Either no stooping or breaks or both.
Not much housework. Prefer making music at the moment… :smiley:

Bed very early :sleeping_bed: :smiley:

Day 25, Thursday (Day 4 of Week 4 Working 40%)

Sleep: I shouldn’t take bed at 9pm lightly and not ever be up for 85 mins. Better to cold wash or cold shower, despite acupressure yesterday. 9pm from now on means: being strict, means: cold showering if I get restless!
Weather: Wet, but OK.
Work: 3h, but easy. Train there and back tricky. Jan/Feb will be getting hard.
Energy: 70%. (Cycling: 50% - Slow). Pain: 3 of 7
Breath-holding: 1x at work. Cryotherapy: OK.
Activities: Tried not to overdo it: Nothing apart from doc, before the dentist.
1 doc: Keeping out of ozone-injections and Sjögren’s, sending me to specialists. 1 blood pressure pill less, agrees with the angiologist. Yippee. And the statine for the blood fats doesn’t have to go up because the LDL is very low now - perhaps diet, perhaps also the acupressure.
Table tennis: Don’t any more on a granddaughter day. (I did yesterday and realized I’d better not go today, seeing as 3h work plus 2 dentist-fillings are coming up tomorrow)
Housework: Keeping it down again.
Music: Listening to worship stuff to get up/down after the 2 fillings.
Dentist: :tooth:
Before: Cryotherapy and an ear-acupressure plaster for pressing when the pain comes. Then just relaxed, put off table tennis and granddaughter.
During: Self-hypnosis and singing one of my favourite worship-songs inside (Hillsong’s I Surrender…).
After: Body REALLY strained after. Listening loud (loud loud), moving very carefully, cold shower, breath-holding 1x3: 12’ (breath-held 2’15’’ in the last round), 1h nosestrip. Ache 4
3h after: Going up from 4 to 5.

Bed: 9:00 Before The Ache (& pains) goes up more and tooth-ache starts too. :sleeping_bed: OK, 9:20. And only slight tooth-ache.

Day 26, Friday (Day 5 of Week 4 Working 40%) - Averted the dentist-backlash by extreme self-care

Sleep: Up very often, but only once 15mins, rest straight back, almost no tooth-ache, except when slightly strained :arrow_forward: relax jaw :white_check_mark: Managed the 9h :white_check_mark: being well awake before the alarm. Back exercises like always (before and after sleep).
Weather: sunny, moderately cold, OK.

Work: Was there, but then realized I didn’t have to. Tried doing something easy there instead, but realized it was too hard, I was getting feverish, so left soon. But good talk with boss first tho (so I didn’t start complaining about the things that she’d got on my nerves about): Won’t have to do much Jan21 :smiley: :bangbang:, Feb21 I will be on full-time, theoretically, but I can use sick leave or stretch the rehab-time. In the long run I’ve got so much overtime saved up that I could stop working for well over half a year or stretch it working e.g. 6h/wk less for over 4 years (didn’t realize that!) and can apply that whenever necessary (not sure at how short notice, probably a few months), once I’ve decided what level (not during rehab), e.g. if I go for part-disabled, i.e. 75% pay for 50% work, minus 2 hours for being severely disabled, and then apply my overtime hours for the next 3 years, then I’d only have to work 20%. It wouldn’t be sensible or fair to forfeit part-disabled-pay by using up my overtime for that…
So there’s good news and I shouldn’t be doubting quite as much.

State of Body
Energy: 70%. stiff 5 (several people have been noticing that). Ache: Achy-shaky 4. After acupressure: 80% & 3 & 3
Toothache: The ear-acupressure-“nob”-plaster (only 1 didn’t fall off) works pretty well. When it aches, I press on it till it hurts, hold it for a time till the tooth stops hurting, similar to the ear-acupressure (there the body-related ear-point is held as long as the point itself hurts). Strange, but effective for my body.

Therapy: Cold shower, both torso-meridians 2x, breath-holding: 7’ & 3’.
TCM/Acupressure: Esp. thighs, neck, & of course jaws. Great after. Enough to surprisingly consider and enable table tennis. Again some really striking situations: One pressure-point created a certain diffuse pain in the body, which then stopped, plus on the left of my head, so she held my head at two places in a certain direction and the head-pain was immediately gone.

Table tennis: 4 games, very relaxed, with small breaks, some stooping. Ache: 3, worth it!
Store: Quick, no problem.
Nope: Housework, making Music, just relaxing and early 9:10 to
Bed :sleeping_bed:

Day 27, Saturday (Day 6 of Week 4 Working 40%)

Sleep: Over 9h :white_check_mark: Up fairly often, once 30mins due to a thigh-sting (front right), :arrow_forward: tell acupressurist - better leave her thigh-treatment be, altho it feels good?; warm instead of cold shower (because day after acupressure) :white_check_mark: tooth-ache :arrow_forward: acupressure-point-plaster :white_check_mark:
Weather: Bright.

State of Body
Acupressure is still helping - Energy: 80%. Stiff 3. Ache: Achy-shaky 3. After strain: 6 / 5.
Toothache: Moderate, ear-acupressure-“nob”-plaster not helping much any more. After strain 5.

Therapy: Not enough. Breath-holding 4’. Cold washing 3x.

Housework: 30 mins intense. 30 mins relaxed. OK.
Standing at my desk too long in between.
Table tennis: 4 games, with breaks, only partly stooping: OK. But not lying down enough after.
Cycling/2 Stores with heavy weight 60’: too long/much… Ache/Stiff: 6. Rest :soon: 5.
Music: Yep, quite a lot, standing/sitting singing and barking not too good for my tooth-ache.
Bed: 9:30. Hmm, no: 10. :frowning:

Day 28, Sunday (Day 7 of Week 4 Working 40%)

Sleep: Over 9h :white_check_mark: Up fairly often, esp. hunger and tooth-ache. “Miracle”: Reluctant cold showering again at 4 stopped the tooth-ache! Still feeling the aftermath of the store-ordeal yesterday evening. My wife felt very sorry for having asked me, but it was only on the way to the 2nd one when I realized it’s getting too much. Even built not finding my way back in the darkness well into a dream…
Weather: Bright.

State of Body
Energy: 60%. Stiff 4. Ache 5.
Toothache: Better after cold showering at night. Just don’t touch it!

Therapy: Breath-holding 3x7’, cold washing arms 5x, cold showering too.

Housework: Hardly.
Table tennis: Was able to at 2pm, with not too much problems, breath-holding 7’ and cold showering after. This means the flare from shopping 1h yesterday at 6pm went on for 20 hours.
Cycling: 10 mins.
Music: 10 mins.
Zoom family conference… at 7:30 - already said that’s too late, very straining, so did something else after 25’ and said bye after 40 mins, while they were discussing deep things - the distance between Saturn and the sun for over 5 minutes :roll_eyes:
Bed: As often my wife came into my room while I was wrapping up the day at 9 which doubles that, so it got to 9:45 once again.

Work/Life/Pain Analysis:

Day 22 Bad.
Day 23 Not good.
Day 24 Moderate.
Day 25 OK, by being extremely careful (dentist), so not-good.
Day 26: OK, extremely careful, considering, so not-good.
Day 27: OK, extremely careful, considering, resting; till stores Ache 6. Bad.
Day 28: Very stiff/Achey start 6. Bad. Better by 2pm, 3. Zoom strain 5 for 1-2 hours.

Reassessing both 40% & 20% in one go, to compare more exactly.
(When I say “OK”, by the way, I mean feeling pretty ill/reconvalescent. )
Tally of 4 weeks 40% work: 4 good 14%, 18 half-bad 64%, 6 bad 21% = 85% not “good”. 78% not “bad”.
Reassessment of 20%: Good 7 25% Half-bad 11 39% bad 10 36% = 75% not “good”, 64% not “bad”.
I’ve been saying it’s not the work, but dentist and sleep.
But Dentist was twice in both periods, even easier in the 40% one: Day 3 & 25 of 20% and Day 9 (‘only’ cleaning) & Day 25 of 40%.
And I was sleeping much less the first 4 weeks and later than I was now in the second 4:
40%: 19th Dec +15’, 12th Dec +20’, 5th Dec +1h45 28th Nov -1h15 = +0h55, avg. 9h08/n
20%: 21th Nov -2h55, 14th Nov -2h, 7th Nov -2h15, 31st Oct -30 = -7h40, avg. 7h54/n
0%: 24th Oct -20 17th Oct -3h10 10th Oct -35 3rd Oct +25 = -3h40, avg. 8h30/n
Table tennis has gone down to often having to leave it out, going back to needing breaks, and definitely never more than 4 games any more (Nov 27: 6 with breaks), often having to decide against it (see ‘benchmark 4 games’ in Post 6 on Oct 19)
So what can be the problem other than work? Not the work itself, but not being able to buffer in the mornings?
And can it be right to go down from 7 to 4 good days, or even less in future?
(Good days not being anything like the really good days before the rheum. clinic, which were something like ‘healthy’. (The clinic was bad for me, sleep, eating and physio all detrimental.) Did I have any good days after, in Sep/Oct? Sep 18. (a bit of Home Office); more back & joint pains. & Oct 13.-17. (before the start of this blog, seems to have been good, with 5-6x table tennis non-stop. So no, after the rheum. clinic almost no good days.)

Or should I instead use what I’ve learnt for working less, for less bad days?
OTOH I’ve gone down from 10 bad days to 6 bad days… probably from learning how to stop the flares better, from sleeping more and earlier, from the TCM/acupressure-success re. sleep, cold, leg-energy, breath; plus finding remedies for new pains.
Bad days will also get less when (for the time being) the dentist gets less and wd’ve been less if I hadn’t gone to bed late 3x and overdone it 3-5x. The Ache getting worse may be the weather too. But I don’t feel it’s the cold or the damp itself, just that the cryotherapy isn’t working any more.

Again the acupressure helped, the cryotherapy alone not much, bed early and doing less is vital.
The next 3 weeks without work will bring further clarification.
I still have the feeling the analysis is very helpful, and that even the Ache is never without reasons, altho it’s considerable detective work.
The perspectives seems to remain:
Trying to get the overdo-Ache and “bad hours” down more, per activity, by improving pacing:
New focus: Reducing bad hours after a certain activity instead of bad days or half-days.
I don’t see how I can get more really good days/hours before the summer, so that’s not my focus.
Probably prolonging the 60% work into Feb/Mar…
Just realizing that I am officially on 60% till Feb 7th which is 7 weeks, not 4 as I thought; in practice 3 weeks Christmas/Home Office on 20%, then 3 weeks on apparently 40%, only the 7th week on 60%. And then officially 80% till Mar 7th, which I can try to keep down to 60%.
Using Christmas time to get each hour of my life organized more effectively, so I feel I have more time.

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Day 1, Monday: Reducing “bad hours”: Moderate: 0’, bad: 1h35, rest good

OK, completely new focus now, on reducing bad hours after actitivites and more effective organization.

Remedies: Got out Q10 again. Taking 5HTP. Bought GC dry mouth gel. Use up all the supp-pills sometime. Can’t find the new nosestrips I’m sposed to have received 10 days ago.
Analyze my 24h bood pressure with a large span - probably won’t help much tho.

After table tennis 11:07 wrist, torso, shaky 5. Rested, but 11:30 Song. Torso 6! Drat. But fun! And good cycling 12:45 = bad 1h35
12:45 to acupressure good, apart from lower back stings, even cycling, 2 stores, = good
4:05 Still good, just a little feverish, Watch out now back to song… caarefulll… 7:00 still OK, but 10’ housework tooth-ache and feverish, still OK.
(Sneak preview? Not yet authorized by my teacher… and at least one part definitely needs more work…)

Bed 9:40 still pretty good/OK! But taken care - so what, that’s still good 9h!

Yep, that really is a cute parrot-pic!
Looking at the 3 headed-creatures long enough or blurred enough could make it real…
A Broadway-Snow Time-like-Showtime-song would stretch my genre-limits even more, but then who would’ve thought I’d be doing melancholy Brit-Pop and a mini-musical about a cute dog…
Probably coming up tomorrow… :smiley: - my wife is suggesting to post it already.

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Awesome! Can’t wait! :dog: :musical_keyboard: :musical_note: :musical_score: :smiley:

Hi, JCS.
Looks like you are doing well, figuring out how much work your body will allow. As far as why we have so many bad days, I think it is not just one thing, but a combination of things. For me, working too many hours, allergies, winter weather, stress of the holiday season, worrying too much, not enough sleep, not enough activity, too much activity, etc… Sometimes you can feel like you’re listening to your body and doing everything right, but you have a terrible FMS day. It can be disheartening, to say the least. Hang in there! You are terrific at listening to your body, btw! :blush:

PS: why does “OK” mean you’re not okay?

Day 2, Tuesday - Good, moderate: 30’

Good night’s sleep, 9h20. Could sleep till almost 8. Few breaks, only one longer, due to headache! No pains, negligible Ache (1), stiffness better (3).

IBSD at 4pm is gone 0 since I left off the sour gherkin at 1pm. :white_check_mark: (too sour? pity!)
P-pain almost gone 1 after a certain exercise. :white_check_mark:
Still headache at night 4 calls for reducing blood pressure meds even more? :white_check_mark:
3h on the song in the evening was no problem 0-1, in the morning directly after table tennis was praps the problem. :white_check_mark:
No lower back problems of late (last week), apart from the pin-stabs during acupressure: From thigh treatment plus back exercises 2x? :white_check_mark:
No thigh stabs tonight. :white_check_mark:
(Analyze my 24h bood pressure)
Aaah, is this what life without work feels like :interrobang:

Q10 (because of ‘muscle pain’ perhaps by the statins for my cardiovascular issues):
Just looked up my notes: Was enough in my bloods. There’s old studies to take it together with ginkgo. Can be compensated by nuts and legumes, which I eat lots. Only if very high cholesterol, mine is down due to diet. Reduced intracellular amounts of ATP, which I seem to have had, altho docs said that isn’t really measurable.
It seems it also has a positive cardiovascular effect, for me relevant is that it increases the good cholesterol, which I could do with a bit. The article on helpherself.org (linked to a dead link) recommends close monitoring, which would not be easy, since my blood is flowing well, despite the plaque. There’s also articles which link it to fibromyalgia/ME/CFS (results are slightly encouraging, an overview concludes, perhaps reducing pain, depression and headache, perhaps as antioxidant, perhaps on a mitochondrial level.).
The mayoclinic.org lists 9 side effects, all of which I am very sensitive to. So NO!


Only not so good time was stressing about getting to granddaughter in time and getting songs ready for my teacher in time, 15 mins each = 30’ (not bad tho). Rest really is quite good today, better than just OK. Taking everything easy, respecting limits, not overdoing, lying down in between…
OK outdoor table tennis with mask over mouth (no-one near), 4 games non-stop, not stooping, then 1 quick errand. Still OK. Improving songs lying down OK, 2h zoom meeting with friends mainly lying down: strained, so I did other things during the last half hour. Song 15’. No rest, housework. I’M STILL GOOD, tho.
Bed fairly early… :smiley: Wow!

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Day 3, Wednesday - Going well, bad 0’

Sleep: Good again, 9h35 - 4 breaks. After cold showering bc of unrest at 4:45 it felt like only dozing, but time actually went too quickly. No pain, no Ache, no stiffness, a 4th good day in row is coming up. Bulk is probably not working, but praps the 5HTP is doing something too, I’ll see that in Jan, but continue taking it.

I’ve got a list of docs doing ozone-injections, none in town, but the closest in 20-30 mins. bus distance, I’ll try to get an appt from the 4th on. The second closest is 50 mins.
My rheum. tried to phone me Monday bc of Sjögren’s, so just for the record (she won’t want to know and has Christmas break till the 11th I just checked) - Everything I’m doing and is definitely helping at the moment:

  1. TCM/Acupressure/light with trigger point-type massage before 2x1.45h/wk - helping most of all - also sharing further good ideas during that.
  2. Whole body cryotherapy 3’m 2x/wk before that. Works a bomb stand-alone in the “summer”.
  3. Sleeping 9+h/n, from 9/9:30 having pretty much solved 30 wakers, incl. blackout blinds & ear plugs, Sinupret herb-pill for clotted nose at 4am, night shift on laptop 4pm-9am, cold showering for unrest, soft topper on hard mattress.
  4. Cold washing wrists & underarms 3x/d, thighs 0-1x/d, cold showering 0-3x/d, hot water bottle after if nec.
  5. Wim Hof Breath-holding exercise 0-20’/d.
  6. Arnica complex cream (Traumeel) and hot water bottle or spelt cushions, cold showering, stretching as needed for pains & Ache 0(-5)x/d.
  7. Sports: 30-40’/d table tennis, 30-90’/d cycling. 4’-workout if possible. Resting with legs up 1h after, & best in between 3x2’, arms too.
  8. Back exercises before and after bed for back, yoga for pains in back & joints 0(-30)’/d.
  9. Hand exercises, esp. while cycling (cupping & straightening, single fingers, creeping).
  10. (Warming with cupped hands and gentle Gua Sha with a jam jar lid for itchy/dry eyes.)
  11. (Gurgling with Marigold essence (40% alc.) against CoV, sore throat and skin problems, tea tree oil for more severe skin problems, Sinupret and Umckaloabo for immune system.)
  12. (Leaning back against u-pain.)
  13. (Elimination diet & if nec. Gastritol (herbs) for hyperacidity and gut IBSD, psyllium for IBSD. (Last: no sour gherkins.))
  14. ((2 blood pressure, plus 2 blood fat & 1 blood thinner meds, Mediterranean diet for blood fats = legumes & veg, unsaturated fats: nuts & linseed & canola oil, complex carbs, not simple like sugar.))

Still! a good day… and getting things done.
Rain put table tennis off from 10 to 11:30, during which I dusted, tidied up and re-arranged my room-work-place (square bar table). Now I’m very achty-tired but happy. Definitely resting 12:05, eating a bit, then acupressure. Cycling back in the rain with 100% energy! But with mask on cos it felt good & comfy in the rain created an oxygen-lack/hunger.
Oh dearie dearie dear… at 5 I went for a short grocery shopping spree, 2 h later I’ve ended up with chaos: lots went wrong - but at least I kept calm about it, nothing got broken, and I’m laughing, altho I’m of course a bit weary, but still got energy.
Resting, eating, playing till 9, tidying room-chaos 1h!, bed at 10. Stiff and Achy at night as ever, but not counting as bad.

Day 4, Thursday - Christmas Eve - good day, apart from the outdoor service, bad 30’

Acupressure yesterday focused on dry mouth amongst other things. Tonight I tried GC dry mouth gel, didn’t help that much tho, just changes the dryness-discomfort a bit, so the acupressure again didn’t help there (like it did once originally for about 3 weeks). Also I’m thinking it’s not just dry mouth it’s dry all over: mouth, eyes, stomach, gut, skin, and I just had a small calf-cramp again, which in my case is never lack of Mg, it’s also drinking more. Maybe we ought to focus on general dryness more.

Sleep: Thighs 2x, joints 6x, dry mouth, itchy scalp, bit hungry, but wasn’t particularly stiff after enough sleep (10h10-25=9h45 incl. ±1h dozing). Might’ve been better earlier, I’d probly’ve dozed less.
Strangely I’m having a bout of focal seizures again, first 8th & 9th, now 2 today, making 4; only 2 in Nov and 2 in Oct. Usually that’s meds. What’s new? 5HTP. What’s the research? Some people’s seizures improve, some worsen, with melatonin also.
I almost never have seizures at night. The first one came about 6h after taking the 5-HTP. Makes me wonder what was going on the last time I took it, too. Looking up it was in May, where I didn’t register any seizures in my pain diary.
Interesting what will happen to my energy and pain when I stop 5-HTP again - on this epilepsy forum I read someone with increased energy (and more vivid dreams) due to 5-HTP. https://www.coping-with-epilepsy.com/threads/5-htp.512 , but also several people with increased seizures.
English wikipedia (as well as other sites too) also says “Potential side effects of 5-HTP include heartburn, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness, sexual problems, vivid dreams or nightmares, and muscle problems.”…

I could try L-Tryptophan instead (again), but I thinks it’s probably similar. Melatonin itself doesn’t go thru the blood-brain-barrier.

Here https://www.supplements-and-health.com/tryptophan-side-effects.html it says:
One of the principal L-tryptophan catabolites, 3-hydroxykynurenine (3-HK or 3HOK), augments oxidative stress in the brain and is able to induce depression , epileptic seizures, and other brain damage (Guilarte & Wagner, 1987; Stone, 2003; Wichers & Maes, 2004)

Things to remember:
Work’d be easier without mask! :bangbang:
Difference at the mo to non-fibro: Everything is always still tangibly there in the background, and very present as soon as I hold some position for longer.

Good day apart from the last 15’ of the outdoor Christmas service (standing in the cold, despite longjohns and rain legs) and warming up and moving afterwards. = 30’. (But the service was sweet.)

Day 5, Friday - Christmas Day - good day, 2h of it "moderate"

A “Christmas song” made my evening: Bethlehemian Rhapsody

Full 9h sleep, plus 1h of unrest, no seizure.
Table tennis, 4 games, without :exclamation: needing a break afterwards:
:arrow_forward: Cold showered before :exclamation: non-stop table tennis,
:arrow_forward: thin :exclamation: mask for more oxygen
:arrow_forward: 1 quick combined :exclamation: yoga exercise every time my mate had to get the ball on his side:
Turning my torso inward, with intense arm swinging too, around the supporting leg to stretch that thigh and torso at the same time.
If I do the same tomorrow and am still good, 5 games?

35’ phoning with my bruv - very exhausting: Let’s say from the last 10’ on. 1:40… 2:15…
The combined yoga exercise plus a 1’ workout helped at 3. All moderate, not bad. Let’s say 2h.

1h cycling at just above freezing point was a little hard first, but with 110% energy I could get pretty warm. I haven’t cycled as fast in months. Must’ve been something like 35kmh/22mph for about 2 mins, then down a bit to not overdo it. Wow - this is spooky - where is this energy coming from?
OK in the evening, but underlying worn out a bit by not enough lying down… still with energy.

Got (only) things to keep warm for Christmas: warm socks (the 90% wool with 10% mohair unfortunately is making my feet itch so I can’t sleep), warm oversocks (unfortunately from synthetics, which suffocate my skin), a warm topper for my mattress (unfortunately wool with synthetics) and an electric heat blanket (only synthetics, but that might be OK for a short time to warm up in my office at work). My body is hard to please. Luckily I don’t need anything to keep happy :smiley:
Worried about son with new girlfriend coming with grandchild, they’ll have to accept that we’re keeping outside, despite the cold.

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Day 6, Saturday - Good, at least fibro-wise

Hmm, somehow a night posting didn’t get saved, and refreshing the page killed it, not in drafts either Something like: Woolen socks had made my skin go haywire, and then I had a very vivid dream (5-HTP-inspired) about having to do a ?theology exam, but the examiner was Rosa Parks, and she had dramatically died the day before - also I hadn’t even realized that the exam was set… still churned me up.

Table tennis 5 games non-stop was good, “cooking” (cutting and stewing veg & potatoes), cold shower, 1.5h son/gf/daughter - still good. (My worries were realistic, it wasn’t easy with them, I wasn’t particularly competent at managing it.)

Done the topic post you suggested at last:

Day 7, Sunday - Pretty good once again, 1 week - last night of using 5-HTP… O.o let’s see :face_with_monocle:

Slept 10h40! (plus 6x5’=30’ breaks, no vivid dreams, no seizures). Bit weary.

Ooh, I must say: the hot electric blanket may not be organic and thus suffocate my skin a bit, but as my wife likes a room temp of 19°C/66°F I do often need something more than a hoodie to keep me warm and it was just a brilliant help. Thinking of using at work when my/the window’s wide open, but it might have a place at home, too…

Cheating a bit: May not’ve been able to do that much today, but it’s a gloomy Sunday, so I’m making myself comfy anyway and not counting it as not-good. Going outside maybe wd’ve helped.

My thoughts on 5-HTP for more melatonin for more serotonin in @Starr1’s thread:

Picamilon against hyperlipidemia (high blood fats)(?)

is said to help against hyperlipidemia (probably only inferred from niacin), which reminds me that my lipoprotein a levels are far too high, triglycerids a bit, and I haven’t tried niacin, carnitin and ginkgo against that yet (which may be due to needing xylite chewing gum for my teeth/dry mouth, altho I am using a bit of sugar again, esp. now at Christmas…). Just mailed my lipidologist about this, cos she works for the university who’d done research about this.

Day 8, Monday - Pretty good once again, 1st night without 5-HTP… - Energy!

Energy down to 70% till acupressure :soon: 85%.
Social stress is the main thing at the mo that’s making me flare. Is that then the problem at work?
Just walked around the town centre enjoying the lights for about 2 hours in the cold without longjohns. Was just the limit, warming up is good now.
Missing table tennis, mates haven’t got time (yesterday too rainy), Saturday 5 games non-stop without problems, I forgot to say (:arrow_forward: edit).

OH MY, JCS!!! I hope you don’t mind, but I made a new topic for the song you posted (Bethlehem Rhapsody). So creative & beautiful! Thank you for sharing this “Christian” version - Love it! :blush:

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