I've seized up from hips to toes...WTH!

Hi ya'll....After a pretty normal day I was in my bedroom in bed talking to hubby on phone about each others day, how flippin cold and snowy it is up here and where he is working. Just regular stuff. I got a little upset but didn't let him know when he told me that he was only going to get Thanksgiving Day off and was thinking about not making the trip home...a lot of driving for him and he suffers from RA. Like I said, it made me sad but I didn't let on.

Anyway, after we hung up and I laid in bed for another 15 minutes or so I went to get out of bed to take the phone out to family and do one last thing before I retired...I couldn't walk! From my hips to toes in both legs I was stiff as a board and the pain from trying to walk was too much! I felt nothing prior to getting out of bed. I told my son that I was having alot of difficulty walking and was going to go back to bed...could he please do my last chore for me? I hobbled myself back into bed and the pain has kept me up all night, charley horses, terrible stiffness at every joint, front and back of both legs. When I try to walk the pain is so bad that I can only take baby steps and going from carpet to hard floor brought me to tears...just that little up or down from one surface to the other! I don't understnd this....has never happened to me. I get stiff and sore of course but not to the point of seizing up totally.

I am so confused as to what might have brought this on....like I said, earlier in the evening I didn't 'feel' like I had overdone with anything.

My daughter said this morning that she would call at noon to see if I wanted to go to the Doctor or Urgent care. Ugh! There was so much to do today to get ready for the Holiday and family coming to visit....now what do I do? I can barely move :(

I may try a hot bath if I can get my body to cooperate.

Anyone else ever had this happen as a sudden onset? I would greatly appreciate your knowledge. Thanks all!

PeacenLove and Gentle Hugs to you :)

I do have muscle relaxants and that and a couple other things are easing the pain but everything is still so tight, my joints crack when I move them...sounds like someone shuffling a deck of cards.

I had to get out of bed and get into a sitting position, the pain was more difficult in bed. Sitting I can feel that the sciatica on the L side is involved. Both sides hurt equally but no sciatica on R. I think a heating pad treatment might just help enough that I can do some stuff that's important I do today :( Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh UGH! *little sigh* OWWWCH !*#)>! *#(!&!!! Yep! Not much movement is being allowed.

Hurray! my Son has arrived on the scene and has taken over. He's super stoked that company (from over the river and through the woods) won't be here till tonight and says he'll do anything I need him to do!! How blessed am I ? Now to get feeling better!

Thank you for taking the time MIMI...much appreciated!

I am glad your son arrived and is so helpful. I have had this happen and it is horrible heat usually does help. If it gets any worst I would see the doctor.

Thanks...I'm feeling better, not as much pain but I'm keeping medicated. Still can't walk right, have to slide my feet instead of picking them up. Do you have RA or anything like that? My daughter is thinking that this is what's going on. Once this flare or whatever it is, gets over I will watch myself for anything similar and then take that to the Dr.s. I'm just glad that I've got a little handle on the pain now. It was horrible and any movement brought about pain, groans and a few outbursts. I'm doing the Geriatric Shuffle and able to get from room to bathroom pretty uneventfully...I'm hoping by morning I'll be feeling even better. Thank you so much purplebutterfly...doing the heat thing as well :)

MIMI, big hugs to your dear. I have been through this several times. Physical therapy has helped long term and I'm in process again of going through it.

One of your replies mentioned sudden onset, also sciatica. Do you know of any lumbar, sacral or facet joint issues like degenerative disk disease, or arthritis affecting your spine? Prior injuries that could be acting up from years ago? Has anyone done imaging? I'm very concerned for you, and truly understand loss of full leg use at times. SO frustrating!

I'm glad your son is supportive and available. So, supervise the gathering from a comfortable place, and enjoy your company! If things get worse, I agree you need to be seen, and not let this progress if you can possibly help it. Urgent care may be a better bet than the ER, always slammed on holidays here.

Hope you are feeling more like yourself soon.

I've never had this happen like this. I wonder if something got pinched while you were laying there. NWGma, you need to do whatever it takes to take care of yourself. That might be going to ER, it might be staying home.

I just got done sharing how the last 3 years of Thanksgiving and Christmas have been awful for me. Filled with pain and grief.

I know you will miss your husband. They are our helpers. But, you take it easy and let the others take up the slack. It might just make for a Thanksgiving to remember. You'll feel a lot more like smiling if you're not torturing yourself.

Hae, how about just cancelling altogether? Let someone else do the cooking at their house. One thing I've discovered about myself is that I've gotten better at rolling with the punches.

Gentle Hugs,


Thanks Perplexed, for your reply. I do have 3rd stage spinal degeneration but just have not had anything like this happen before. Sciatica will come on on a dime but this was crazy. I'm getting around a bit better tonight but I think I'll be taking it easy tomorrow as well, especially if I wake up feeling like I did this morning.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Again, thank you!


Thanks Kitty! If I feel like I did this morning I'll have no choice but to sit and supervise. That'll be hard to handle...LOL!

I am doing better with muscle relaxers and Lorcet. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Thanks again for thinking of me. Happy Thanksgiving!


Even though you refrained from letting your husband know how disappointed you were that he was not coming home for Thanksgiving, your body was coping with the stress and for me stress activates instant widespread debilitating pain.

Not long ago I was stressed about something that I did not let the other person know and went to bed. As I lay in bed I could feel the stress and then the pain as it moved around my body. I tried to stay in bed stretching the various parts of my body and then breathing deeply, but it just kept getting worse. When I am in pain it will not let me sleep nor can I stay in bed because it gets worse so I have to get up and sit in my recliner with a heating pad for my lower back and another one for my upper back. That's the only way I can get relief. Sometimes it takes several hours.

I so hope that you can get some relief. I get relief from hot showers as I can move around and let the hot spray settle on different painful spots.

Oh I hope you can soon get some relief. A night of pain with no sleep just makes the following day impossible for me. I have to sleep when the pain subsides. For me that often is the next morning so I sleep during the day knowing that I could not accomplish anything without the sleep.