I've got a game to play

Hey everyone... Just been thinking of something interesting to post and since I'm not an interesting person I thought that I would start a game. I'll post an interesting object in a different format... Say a cross-section or a riddle or a microscope image etc and the first person to identify it gets 10 Mike points which can be cashed in for things like handmade cards and photos. Assuming someone wants to play I'll post the first one now and we'll see how it goes...

watermelon half?

Nope, not a fruit at all

So Mike....these photos are actually ONE thing?? And, if so, they are all kind of disgusting looking; HOWEVER, knowing it's NOT FRUIT, I'm a little relieved! I've never seen a blue/green fruit, thank goodness. Oh please don't let it be body parts/innards!! Ok, how about...CLOTHING? BTW, you have just become a very interesting person....and just so you know, I HATE arts/crafts stuff, so I'm sure I failed at getting any points! LOL!!

Look like something grown in a Petrie dish in a lab, although that first one looks like a favorite snack food of mine under an microscope, a nacho cheese Dorito!

You ARE a very interesting person, I only associate with very interesting people! So just remember that, Michael!

You cannot see me, but I am snickering!

on the first and last one, the edges look frayed, like paper/cellulose pulp..

i'm still tempted to say something like a cut-open squash ball or something...

then again, it looks like some sort of plastic or synthetical material... which could mean it's a cut-open plastic stick of some sorts....

i actually have no idea at all what those are

but i want to touch them.

Inside of an eyeball of some kind?

Hi Mike, not sure the second one looks like a metal or bullet? Not sure. The others are organic?

I cannot believe you are keeping quiet about this for such a long time!

They may even be some crazy kind of sorbet or flavored ice!


There is good news and bad news.... Good news is when someone guesses correctly you will not think them disgusting. Bad news is your guesses are incorrect. I'm sure you will get some points somewhere at some point :-) xx

Hey... I got tired so slept lol... I'm afraid you haven't guessed correctly. I am trying to be more interesting I promise xx

You are incredibly close... I'll let you have another guess because you are 95% of the way there :-)

I am afraid not... Nothing to do with the human body

Not a bullet and not organic either in afraid xx

Nothing organic... I fell asleep lol.... It was bedtime here xxx

Nope, although I can see why you would say that. Xx

Hey there... Lots of people over time have told me that I'm boring lol... I ignore them :-P

The clue is this... Someone has got incredibly close so far... So close that they have 5 points whether it is them who get it or not. It's not anything organic or natural so to speak. It is a manufactured item in cross section, made by the million they are a favourite of men in strange pants/trousers xx

Could the bottom one be a carrot? I think they could be vegetables except for the one with the blue dot ha ha

Inside a golf ball?