Its just a Down kinda day

I’m so tired of complaining. I’m tired of this pain and I try to be positive but really it’s like being in denial. There’s no cure. How am I suppose to feel? I have good hours not days. My fibro is severe. I’ve been in pain months now. Almost a year. No free days. I’m so tired. And I’m tired of being in bed but there’s not much I can do or even have the energy to do.
I feel disgusted with myself right now. And fat. Of course I’ve gained some weight. I don’t eat much tho And I been trying to eat better But I sure need exercise with that…I can’t even fathom the thought of it honestly. I’m just lost. I never been so lost in my life. And seems like everyone just forgot about me… and new people just think I’m complaining and lazy. So I’m alone.
Just venting. As always. .

Please do not feel people forget about you, they haven’t. They probably feel helpless themselves and they don’t know how to help you. I have bad days and bad hours along with the good. Just remember you have to move as if i stay in bed too long i get more stiff and more painful. Just remember we are all here and support you. Hang in there!

I hope you are feeling better. I am sending positive thoughts your way, hoping the pain lessens.

My FM been pretty bad too. Been pretty much in bed for nearly a year. I've moved up a little to the couch on my slightly better days, but still have to use a wheelchair to go anyway. I simply can't walk very far and if I try and push it I collapse (some days just getting those ten or so steps from the bedroom to the bathroom is really hard). I'm a very independent person so taking that step to use a wheelchair was really hard. There was more I probably could have participated in if I wasn't so self-conscious about it. I get it can be really, really hard! Feeling so isolated doesn't help. It can be very, very frustrating! I like something my doc told me. Inch by inch Fibro a cinch. Take it by the yard it's hard.

If and when you're up for it - this site is a help at getting back control of your life, learning to live within your limitations and then slowly building up what you're able to do. It isn't a cure, but from everything I've read it can help get on top of your life, instead of having it the other way around (I'm still in the beginning "course" so can't say from experience yet)..

I'm still in my twenties and have had this for ten years. So I get the frustrations of being young, looking young, and feeling like you're eighty. It's really hard to be positive when you're constantly in pain and every little thing feels like a huge feat! To find any kind of hope when day to day life seems impossible. One of the hardest things I think is accepting it and seeing that there is still a way to have a meaningful life inside this debilitating disease.

You'll be in my prayers! Good luck!



You need to find something you enjoy doing and are able to do. I started making jewelry, and it gives me something to do that doesnt take tons of energy. You need somehow try to get a postive picture of something, and try to dwell on it. The negitivity will drive you insane and make you feel even worse.

You need to use you muscles, if you dont, after awhile your going to get even worse. try laying in bed and doing some stretching exercises. Those really help me in the mornings when I first wake up. Just dont give up. Just like butterflydragon told you, an inch is a cinch. You have to stir up some will power in you and try to go even if it does hurt. And moderate movement will eventually help some.

Praying for You,


I absolutely love you to death Kelly. You’ve helped me so much these last few weeks. Its great to have a friend in you. Yes…we both have very extreme cases of fm and we need to change. I love your plan. Sounds great and ill be doing it too. The last two days I’ve Been eating really healthy and even fruit Too. Then i get out the bed every hour or so to make myself do something or stretch. Honestly the stretching has really helped i know for sure.

I love your idea and I’m gonna need you to do this. I know youll be there for me. Im always here for you to.

We are going to take back our lives and rise from this illness.

I love u kelz, ill inbox a lil later

You’re right melody.
I need movement. And i need something that Will keep my mind content. I had a lot of hobbies but i haven’t been focused. I’ll try.

Love ya

Thank you for your prayers Butterfly Dragon i appreciate that and the advice given. Thanks for taking the time out to even do so. I have bad days and i get down. I’m not a negative Person though. I will get through this. God gave me this so he knew i was strong enough to handle it. I’ll try my best.

Love the quote from the doc too

Aww Thanks

This made me smile. Thank u Dottie

Thanks a lot Nurse.
I understand what you’re saying. Thanks for the helpful words

It's what we're here for! =) Generally I'm not a negative person either, but I have my days too...or week. I think it's the worse when I wake up (if I get to sleep) that way. Some days no matter what I do I can't bring a genuine smile to my face. God's my source of strength and the days I'm not strong enough, I know His strong arms are holding me. =)

Hope you're feeling better today!!