It's been a while

Hi everyone,
It’s been a while, the grief that I feel everyday seems to get a little easier with every day., I still break down at times, but it is less frequent and a little less harsh. I have been doing my best to stay busy, as I don’t think about my loss, I have been thinking of you all, and wanted to give you an update. I hope you are all surviving and not flaring too bad. I have been flaring for the last week, it isn’t fun. I feel like I could sleep all da long, thankfully my youngest grandson is spending his days with me, that help a lot. The dash was due to stress, my rhumy, Dr put me on steroids and it has finally calmed down. I hope you all know that I really appreciate all the support during this sad time. I will be on more often, have a great day! Hugs Jackie
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Good morning Jackie51

I am so glad your grandson is with you they are truely wonderful. I also hope the rash is much better. I am still thinking of you

When you are feeling better prehaps you could share a little about the grandson and how he helps you

hi Jackie.



Hi Jackie, I am glad to hear you are doing better with the rash, that is good news. Losing a family member is tough and I am glad you have your grandson to stay busy with. Staying busy can really help. I am praying for you and your family. Hugs! Michelle

Hi Jackie,

I'm glad to hear your rash is under control. It's hard to function when you're itchy and or sore all over.

You know, Jackie, I was talking about this subject, grief, anger, depression, in regards to loss and my therapist said that we used to believe that you'd go through neatly defined stages of grief, whereas in reality, we go back and forth through the emotions. And it sounds like you have a GREAT motivator to stay busy - your grandson!

You're welcome to come here and talk about your feelings whenever you want. We go through so many of them with this illness! I swear I was in so much anger, depression and grief for 2 full years. I went on a bus tour with a bunch of 70 and 80 year olds a year and a half ago, and they ran rings around me! And helped me pick up stuff I kept dropping! It was horribly humiliating and put me into grief for a year! I couldn't accept that even old people were in better shape than me!

So you see, it can take a while to get a hold of your emotions. It's HARD. We give up so much. It may take a while to fully accept this illness. But it is possible to find a better place in your mind and acceptance, after a while.

I hope your flaring is dying down. It's hard getting through the especially painful bouts.