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It's been a really long time


hey you all!
it’s been a very long time since I’ve last been here

since then, a lot’s been going on.
the biggest concern, health-wise, is my back. I’ve been having really mean pains in my lower back, especially while walking or standing for longer periods of time.
turns out, I have a sacroiliitis (inflammation of the sacro-illiac joint). This usually is connected to a rheumatic illness, but all my tests, so far, have been negative.
i’ve just been at the doc’s last thursday for a check-up and new blood tests, so we can see if there’s any changes (last time i went was may '17, so… yeah, I’m bad with appointments)
on my xrays, he said he saw some double lines at my finger and toe joints, which he didn’t specify the meaning of. He mentioned something about that’s when people eat a lot of meat (which I actually don’t) aaand he said it looks like I might have osteoporosis, since there were dark spots/areas in my finger bones.
so, for me, that means I’m researching all these new things, until I get my current blood results.
doc also said I might not actually have fibro. Which I think might be true. I’m not in that much pain, some days not at all, especially since I started my antidepressants (duloxetin, which is said to help with some kinds of pain)
I really don’t know.

on happier notes, the kindergarden I work at is going through some changes, and since last summer, I no longer am a ‘jumper person’ (meaning i’m an extra that hops from group to group to help where it’s needed) but a ‘group leader’ (it’s probably not the right translation, but… I hope you understand)
the best thing is, when the school year ends, and the new one starts, my group will become an intgrative group.
meaning we’ll be smaller, but take 5 children with and 10 children without disabilities. i’m really excited!
work in general is pretty stressful right now. Lots of paperwork and stuff, but it’s gonna get better soon.

all in all… I’m stuck between being happy about things and work in general
and being scared and worried about my back and all the possibilities what it could be and what it’ll mean and… yeah
there’s just so much going on with my health, I seem to have a vit D deficiency, possible osteoporosis (which isn’t scary, per se, since it doesn’t kill you or anything, but it’s still… scary), possible rheuma
no matter where I research, sacroiliitis is always connected to some rheumatic process and since all the blood tests are negative, I’m really confused and scared what that means.
not knowing is, for me, personally, almost worse than knowing it’s something.
if that makes sense.

aaanyway… I’ll try and be more active around here again!
even though I might not have fibro, there’s nothing official that it isn’t. and I’m enjoying this place, so I hope it’s alright.