Itchy , creepy crawling on skin ? What's up with that?

Just a question… Does anyone know what actually causes itching or as some have described it … Creepy crawling feeling on skin

I have read that many have this awful symptom, Im so thankful I don’t suffer with this, and my heart goes out to those who do, but I often wonder what could cause this, if any one has any understanding or explanation behind this please let me know… I’m just really curious.
I know with fibro many symptoms are just not understood, I was thinking maybe someone with this issue, has researched it, or perhaps their Dr offered a theory …

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This feeling is called Parathesia ( which can manifest in may forms from actual pain to itchy skin crawling feeling) and is common to a lot of neurological disorders, alcohol and too much Vit B6 can exacerbate the symptom.. Some doctors do not accept it but neurologists understand due to amount of patients reporting symptom. The actual cause is unknown at the present time as far as I am aware.

Hi dee,

I get it from the Morphine, I also had it with Tramadol, though that did not agree with me. I have asked my Internist if I could safely take Benadryl with it and he said that it should help.

I had several plastic back scratchers that for some reason were so captivating to the grand son's that they all ended up broken, I have since replaced it with a big stainless steel serving spoon, like you would see on a buffet table, and that is my new back scratcher!

Too much caffeine can do it, and I cannot even begin to take any time release meds, they set me wild!

Hope this is a help to you, dee, and that you can get some relief!

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I have the itchy and creepy crawly feeling mainly at night before I am trying to sleep. I think it may be a side effect of the meds I am on but it is really annoying when I try going to sleep and some nights are worse than others.

I get sort of a cold, crawly feeling in my back from the tops of my shoulders down to my mid back. And yes, my neuro has no idea what causes it but said it's pretty common.

I can't take Vicodin anymore because it makes me itch like crazy. When I came off the Lyrica I spent about three days wanting to peel my own skin off. I imagine it must be something with the nervous system going bonkers.

Thank you so much for your responses… I suspected that it could be a side effect of meds, but wasn’t sure if there was any other physiologic explanation for this. I’m very worried about my daughter she has been suffering from anxiety since my dad passed 2 years ago, she also has IBS, and often complains of this itchy skin, she does not have fibro, but she sure has a lot of other symptoms that seem to be pre-disposing her to it. I pray she does not continue to develope more symptoms…
Thanks again for all your imput !!!:slight_smile:
God bless