Does anyone else have SEVERE itching on their arms? It’s making me nuts. From what I’ve read so far it’s from compressed nerves that serve the skin, c6. Which for me is one of many buldging disks. I can’t get any relief, not even ice. If anyone else has this and has found relief can you message me.

i have had itching all over my body and i am now take an antihistime 3x daily whihc is helping me

i was allergy tested already.

all the best



I was using benadryl every day to help me sleep. I think it also helped the itching. But this new doctor said not to. He gave me an article about studies showing early alzheimers and benadryl. Which is also in sleep aides. Now I’m afraid to take it. But I’m going nuts here.

ps i meant to mention that i am not taking an antihistime with benydryl. the one i am taking is atarax,

I’ve never heard of that. Thank you