Does anyone else itch a lot? Sometimes, I itch from head to toe (no rash). My scalp will itch like I have bugs (I don't - lol).

Other times (most days), my nose, throat and inner ears itch.

The only thing that helps it seems to be gabapentin (I do take an allergy med every day, but it doesn't do much). I just wondered if this might be some weird fibro thing.

Anyone else itchy?

I'm bumping this up - I hope that's ok.

No one else has unusual itching? If not, I guess it may not be fibro related. The fact that gabapentin helps it makes my doc think the itching is nerve related. I was just curious if anyone else has this.

I'm really wanting something to finally blame this on. :D

Redwing, I think there is a discussion somewhere about the itching with a link to an article about how nerve pain can manifest as itching. In fact, I read something about itching actually being a type of pain? This would make sense if the gabapentin was helping the itching. Search under discussions and you should be able to find it. Good luck and I hope you get some relief.

Thanks! I'll look there.

I do! And I think I read an article recently where this is common in fibro patients because the nerves are the same for itching and pain. If my husband starts scratching my legs while we are sitting I the couch watching tv, I could have him scratch for hours and it would still feel so good!

And I hate when something starts itching when you are in bed because it will drive you to distraction.

Thanks Anne! Sorry you itch too, but glad I'm not the only one. :P