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ITCHING anyone?


On top of everything else, I now have itching sensations all over. Anyone else?

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YES oh my gosh I itch so badly it comes and goes

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Oh my goodness, it’s horrible isn’t it!
Mine comes and goes too.
One more thing to deal with…


Yes, got the itch too. It also comes and goes for me.


Yes and it comes and goes. Keep a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol, apply to the area and it will calm the Itch :wink:


Yes, I itch all over sometimes and it comes and goes for me as well


I have itching frequently, but one night it was particularly worse and I couldn’t stop so I didn’t sleep. I talked to my doctor and even though she attributed it to another health problem I have, she prescribed hydroxizine which is a notch up from Benadryl. Seems to do the trick, but knocks me out within 30 min., so it’s not necessarily what I’d recommend taking if you’re driving or working.


Another suggestion from another group I’m in is to use a dish brush to scratch instead of your fingers. It helps to not break the skin if you’re itching really bad.


Hi I am itchy all the time , was unsure if it was the meds that I take , I find that no matter what I do it never goes away I am constantly having showers . Simon


You can try heavy layers of baby oil cream on the itchy parts as well. Be careful as it might stain your clothes but for some reason it might calm the sensation.



I was scratching so much that I drew blood and couldn’t sleep for 3 nights straight.
Recently tried a generic for “Gold Bond Extra Strength” Body Lotion. The first few days, I had to keep reapplying and reapplying. After about 5 days the itching went away. As soon as I feel a slight itch, I now put it on right away and it works for me.

Becky (in Indiana)


Thank you! I will try that.


Itching? Oh, it’s terrible. My scalp drives me crazy. It constantly itches. I’ll try the gold bond lotion. Thank you.

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My head is always itchy. I feel like people probably think I have lice. I don’t:)


:hugs: LOL. rrkaren. I told my rheumatologist about my itchy scalp. She said i may need to see a dermatologist. She looked at my scalp and said it was red. The funny thing is that she looked behind my ear; that’s where lice might like to live because it’s warmer there. I didn’t say anything, but I knew that was what she was doing. I used to be a hairdresser in my former life, so she wasn’t fooling me. LOL. It itches mainly at the top of my head and close to my neck anyway. We do what we got to do.


it started with my nose itching all the time now it’s everywhere and I have a hard time falling asleep because of it


Oh my Lord yes!!! I’ve actually given myself huge bruises from scratching. When I researched it, the explanation was that for some reason your brain misinterpretes the pain and says you’re itching​:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Well whatever. This illness is ever changing with new
symptoms all the time. Peace be with you on your journey :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️


Recently itching under my nails, thought just stress???


Hi Everyone. I’m new to this site and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in August 2018. After 20 years of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (low grade and all negative clinical testing). I finally saw a rheumotologist who said “I’m 300% certain you don’t have MS but, you do have fibro”. I’ve been struggling and recently started with a periodic itch without any rash. Now the Dr’s have thrown out “Mast Cell Activation Disorder” too at this point. I’m curious of those of you who do itch, I see that it can be intense, mine comes and goes. It is generally my scalp, face, throat, chest and occasionally on my arms and legs. It isn’t intense. Do any of you get this kind of itching? And, do you ever see a rash? Thanks for any help.


I thought the itching was just me! of course in the winter mine is 10x worse when the weather is cold. I just tried a Dr Teals lotion that is pretty calming as well. But I agree people must think I have some contagious skin something.