It’s been a long year

The year 2021 has been beyond difficult. I’m sure many of you can say the same thing. This is the first time in months that I feel life will start to settle down. Since September, I’ve had to put my health and wellness on hold to care for my mom. As of today, her apartment is packed up which means less wear and tear on my body. She’s been in a nursing home with hospice care for over a month. I have bitter- sweet feelings. I see her suffering, losing control over her life which makes me sad. I’m happy that she has a beautiful room with a big window and kind and caring staff. My sisters and myself have endured being tormented by her for as long as I can remember. My older sister and myself have paid a great price for her abuse. Yet I love her. I have forgiven her. She complains every day about this or that. It depletes my spirit. I really want her last days or months to be as enjoyable as possible. I want to make 2022 a better year. I want to eat healthier and care for my body that is screaming help me. I do have some hope. I can now focus more on fibromyalgia and getting answers as to why I’m getting worse. I hope everyone here has a better year.


Hi Freedom - thanks for the update! I hope after these last 3 months you’ll be able to set it aside and get peaceful and be able to let the arrows of your mom’s complaints easily deflect from an invisible coat of armour: You are not responsible for her happiness, she is, and you for yours.
If it weren’t for the jab on Nov 30th, my year’d’ve been pretty good, but since December a new era has started, a new challenge - trying to stay active altho being literally “floored” (i.e. sitting on the floor next to my sofa almost all day) pretty completely…
(Just thought: I spose I’m not lying on the sofa anymore, like a lot in my first year, because it’s harder to type and sitting with the sofa behind or to the side of me is the most comfortable sitting position, better for my back, and also lets me do various stretches.)

Hi JayCS, would you mind briefly getting me caught up on what’s been going on in your life? The jab? It sounds like maybe your fibro pain and flares have increased???

Thanks for asking! :slight_smile: I always like the challenge of putting things in a new way. (Longer answer here.)

Yes, getting my 1st Pfizer jab on Nov 30th has greatly increased most symptoms. But it’s worse than fibro alone has ever been (now no: table tennis, moving much, working) and some symptoms are new (nauseous, fluey-congested nose) or changed (feverishness, skin, esophagus blocks). Supps & exercises are only keeping it from being even worse.

Good things: local pains remain 0; sleep is deeper; OK if I don’t move: still enjoy life; my laptop helps keep me active, distracted & get new ideas.
Neutral: Giving up acupressure; some OK-ish hours; happy, but wearing down.
Worst: No improvement; teeth are pressing; no table tennis.
My hopes: Breath exercises help a bit; thinking it’s histamine gives clues (changing supps, DAO, diet, antihistamines).

Why do I wish I had some answers for you J I just can’t find any answers for myself either a good hug and kiss on the cheek dozen of flowers and for your favorite kind of funny movie tons of popcorn with just tons of salt on it and butter I have a lot and I would like to have but can’t mine is getting worse and of course with the other things I’m going through now getting worse it’s not a fun option. About 2 1/2 months ago I went to have an MRI done and it was from my head to my feet and they worry focusing in on my scoliosis in the ass to arthritis and fibromyalgia because my back is still falling and I made a 75° curve with the scoliosis well lo and behold they also did it’s CAT scan and they found three alarm things of a lot of the cancer in my lungs well now I have to deal with that I don’t know which to deal with first I have to deal with it at all I asked from self on a daily basis is it worth it from here on in it will be worth it for my daughter that I haven’t seen in 17 years is now talking to me I praise God for that I’ve missed a lot of my families life but a lot of things happened that I had to get away or go insane so now we are hopefully starting to talk again and we are finding out a lot about each other she doesn’t know the worst of my life I know her is because her sister and her ex mother-in-law kept me well-informed. I have to go the 18th to start radiation therapy for they cannot A parade because one of the cancers in my lungs is laying directly on my aorta so that makes it a very dangerous hard thing to work with I’m hoping they can do what they think they’re going to do which is called slicing to like maybe sliced the cancer off my lung and hopefully it won’t hit my aorta only thing I’m told is him going to have a very sore throat so stock up on goods or foods to eat and that whatever I am symptoms I get from having this done could come back year two years later not the cancer but the after affects of the radiation where we go after that everybody’s hands are up in the air going we just have to wait and see. I know I haven’t an end on this site as much as I would like to be I will try to get here more often I’m not good at following through but I like I said I will try. I know are you beautiful people out there are going through the same thing I am my legs are getting worse my lower back is disintegrating it’s a disease my mother had and I’ve inherited at my younger sister died a few years ago and I missing her it’s been a while put our whole family went through hell because of our father we were split up when I was still a baby I was only three months old and he tried to kill me and then my stupid mother had four more kids by him and God only knows why nobody will tell me the truth so I guess I’m going to be the truth so I guess I’m going to have to be the troublemaker again because my oldest daughter said she think she’s found out the reason I was giving away was because my father is not my father and my mother lied to him and he found out and didn’t want anything to do with me and he is a course nasty man who beat the hell out of my brothers and sisters and I witnessed a lot of it even though I didn’t live with them but that’s the past now I have to get on with the future which is getting rid of this cancer going on with my life loving my little dog loving Danny my boyfriend who is just the sweetest nicest man we don’t eat always see eye to eye we both have explosive temper is but I try to keep mine are under check he is learning you get there. He is good to me and that is all that counts and he’s good to my little dog but he has Crohn’s so we’re both dealing with a lot of pain and a lot of a lot of the a lot of. Anybody got any suggestions as how to quit smoking I’m trying really hard but it’s not working. It doesn’t scare me that it could kill me one of the other is going to do it oh brother that Hass to be the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life quit smoking I’d rather I have 20 more kids literally I would I love kids all of my grandchildren are grown they don’t know me hopefully I’ll get to know each and everyone of them little by little I’m hoping and praying that happens before I do love them all with all my heart. Well you’re good people I thank you for being here and I promise I will try to get on more often but I’m not guaranteeing anything with all that’s going on I’m going to be a little sick from the radiation. Anybody want to come hold my hand I could use it anybody in Florida that’s where I am have a good evening and my love to you all. Ginger


Wow trucknlady, I don’t know what to say. My heart goes out to you. During the majority of my nursing career, I worked in Oncology. Your doctor is correct, in that eating right now is good, because you want to build up your reserves, so that if you do have a sore throat and aren’t able to eat as much, the extra weight will help carry you through. You might want to ask your doctor’s nurse, what has helped other patients get through these difficult times and what has helped patients, who have a sore throat, be able to eat. Nurses tend to be able to spend more time with patients. I know of some ideas, but I think it would be best to check with your doctor/ nurse. Many hugs to you! :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: