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It only took me five years

Hello fellow fibro warriors. I’ve been a member since 2014 and this is my introduction, finally. (I sincerely apologize in advance for the length - I’ve edited though)! :blush:

I’m in Canada and have had a formal diagnosis since 2010. Illness has totally consumed me, with no exaggeration. My medical condition is labeled as “complex” by the profession which translates to “difficult to effectively treat”. I have many interwoven symptoms/conditions of different and constantly emerging illnesses. The last two years have been the most difficult as I’ve struggled to cope with pain. In August, I began to receive weekly trigger point injections (lidocaine) at a pain clinic. They aren’t the most pleasant to endure, but they are effective. I have also been using medical (prescribed) cannabis oils for 3 years to treat mood and physical symptoms, with varying success. It works more effectively for me, in conjunction with the injections. When there is pain, nothing else matters. Prior use of some pharmaceutical pain relief meds have left a devastating trail of permanent damage. I don’t feel depressed about my condition but I do feel resigned. I’ve withdrawn socially and emotionally because it is easier in many aspects. Many people discount my illness/pain, or worse, make comparisons. I don’t have the energy or inclination to try being nice, patient, or empathetic with anyone anymore. My personality has morphed into someone that none of us knows - pain changes people. If you’ve read this far, thank you. There is some good news: my faith, gratitude, humbleness and compassion have remained intact. :heart:


Hi Tammy1289! Thank you so much for the introduction - being a member since 2014, I’m sure you’re already familiar with this site, but nonetheless I’d still love to give you a warm greeting; Welcome to the Fibro Support Group! I’m so glad you decided to connect with the site and introduce yourself! I hope your interactions through the discussion boards help you find the support you are looking for. Please let us know if you have any questions, and keep us posted on your progress!


Great to have you back, Tammy! When you have a chronic condition, it’s very hard work indeed to keep your faith, gratitude, humbleness and compassion intact! It’s also worth the effort: without those qualities, life becomes very difficult. Well done, you!

Since your last visit, the look of the site has changed. Please be sure to ask if there’s anything that we can help you with. You can private message modsupport or anyone else by simply clicking on their avatar and then on “Message”. Just ask! We’re glad to help.


Welcome back Tammy
I look forward to communicating with you again.

I could have written this…I’ve withdrawn too and into someone I don’t even know anymore.