It just keeps getting worse

It has been a while since I have posted anything. I continue to search for answers to all the craziness. I am out of work again due to the Bi-lateral sacroiliitis. I started PT per my Rhumys orders and I thought I could do that and still work... was I ever so wrong... the PT (as before) sent my pain level through the roof. I am now hopeing they approve my medical leave. I also thought I had another ulcer ( the stress levels went through the roof as well), Turns out No ulcer instead...Gastritis and Hiatial Hernia... Every condition I have winds up being chronic and for the most part it has inflammation as a culprit... I am trying to wrap my brain around accepting that this is all just part of Fibro... but for some reason I can't just leave it at that... I am in search of answers... and it seems their is little to offer me a direction to go in... Just in case you are not familiar with my personal story... here are my current diagnoses...Fibro, Bi-lateral sacroiliitis, bursitis in both hips and shoulders, Gluteal bursitis, also both knees, tendionitis both elbows, gastritis, chronic ulcers, IBS, TMJ, Migraines, Carpal Tunnel both wrists, Trigonitis, Post traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, Hiateal Hernia...and the list keeps getting longer...I am sure I forgot something...

My concern is with the conditions the involve inflammation. WHY? Is this a common thing with Fibro? What tests do I need done? Can anyone relate to my health issues? Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.

Hi, Belinda.
I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with all of this. Fibro doesn’t present with inflammation. There could be something else underlying going on. I would ask your doctor/rheumatologist for blood tests such as inflammation marker tests to start.
Feel better!

Hello Belinda,

I am so sorry to hear about l your problems - you have a lot to deal with. I recognise the stress, depression and anxiety, as I have had to deal with them myself, and I know they are not easy. It could be that CBT cognitive behavioural therapy, would help with that also, for sure, the right meds. You do need meds! Carpal tunnel syndrome can be corrected with an op, I had that done many years ago, and my daughter-in-law has just had that done on both wrists - 100% successful. As people have already said . inflammation is not part of Fibro. To me you need to address the issues you can,with Doc and be kind to yourself. KNow your limits, pace yourself and accept help when you need to. I suspect it will be a long time before any answers are found about Fibro, so don't waste too much energy on that.

Take care, Anne

Thank You all for the responses...Time to have a serious chat with my Rhumy and my GP.... I do have this bladder sling... and it could be that my body is rejecting it...(maybe)?... I have always thought some of my issues were because of that but my GYN.(who put it in) keeps telling me it is fine.

I continue to read about other people who do have bursitis along with Fibro... even Sacroiliitis..Auto-immune conditions do co-exist with Fibro. Those are conditions of inflammation. The body attacks itself . That is what I feel is going on inside me... piece by piece little by little... and it wont stop...always something else and always chronic...(I dislike that word)....

I know carpal tunnel can be fixed with surgery I have avoided that for several years... Rhumy just injected my right wrist the hope was that it would help for a while...well

As for the changing my diet... with the Bladder issue and the ulcers I had to change what I eat already... now I am not saying that I eliminated everything that was mentioned but I am to the point where I really have very few choices of what I can eat. I have lost so much weight...It is funny I was taking a prescription diet pill for a short time during the summer ( I had gained weight from all the injections I was having to get.) and did not lose weight...I have not taken those nasty buggars in a while but I have lost over 20 lbs. I am not complaining... I know it is due to the fact I eat very little anymore...It seems every time I get a new diagnoses I get another list of foods to avoid. What bothers me is not being allowed to have some of the fruit I love. I even am reduced to drinking water all the but I can't. I have to have my tea and my coffee... but I do limit my intake.

Oh well I guess I will turn back to the web. RESEARCH until I get more leads for more tests to have done...Thanks again Ladies. Keep smiling and push on!!!!


Hello Belinda,

What a tough time you are going thro. Obviously lots going on with you From what I understand about Fibro, the nerves are not behaving themselves, so sending lots of messages to brain to cause pain. Also a very primitive response in a middle part of brain (cant remember what it is called), being the health and safety officer, just sends out lots of signals to fight, thereby more pain. I can understand that you are reluctant to go for more surgery, ie for carpal tunnel. But believe me it is an amazing cure after all the pain you suffer with it. Hope you do manage to keep smiling, and wish you well

Take care, Anne

Thanks Anne,

I get so frustrated but I do continue to smile ...except for those moments of total break down when I am limited to what I can and cannot do... when it effects my job because I have brain farts and cannot remember to do my job or when I am trying to talk to someone and cannot find the words or when I can no longer take the pain and when I realize how the pain makes me a witch! Then the break down and that causes stress and then I wind up with an ulcer ...but this time it was Then I snap out of it and get MAD...that brings on my fight and flight response I take myself out of work and focus on getting better and finding out if anything ELSE is wrong with me. I am still learning to accept what I cannot change.

I believe that I have more going on than just fibro. I just have to get my Rhumy to order the right tests. If he wont then my GP will she is great. I go tomorrow to have X-rays done of my whole spine and pelvis and lumbar area... I am looking for arthritis or any issues in the SI area and pelvis... My GP has no problem sending me on my

I continue to keep a positive attitude even though I do have my melt downs more like I turn into a basket case... but I do smile through the pain and I push on... but I also continue to be an active part of my health care and treatment. I continue to research for answers .

HUGGS, Belinda

Belinda, I have to wonder how much of this is due to factory work. I wish you had a desk job where you could have a pen and paper and pick up a telephone or sit in a meeting once in awhile... Seems like it would be much gentler to your aching body. Hang in there, lady!

dancermom said:

Belinda, I have to wonder how much of this is due to factory work. I wish you had a desk job where you could have a pen and paper and pick up a telephone or sit in a meeting once in awhile... Seems like it would be much gentler to your aching body. Hang in there, lady!

Good to hear from you... long time no I also wish I could have a desk job...what a life that would be...but then I would forget how the pen I go through a world of emotions. I am a fighter and always have been . Sometimes I just have to slow things down a bit and remind myself this is just a set back and once I get through the physical therapy I will be good to go again...I am not sure about the other issues... while they cause me discomfort they are easy to deal with considering....huggs