It is Sunday! So here is my image set of the week 05 May 2013

So then... unusual mushrooms...

So, what do you think? xx

Those are incredible! Who knew that forest fungus could be so beautiful, and valuable like the truffle. (yuck)

Thanks for sharing Mike!


These are beautiful, Mike! My husband and the neighbor just came home with some yesterday, he loves to go 'hunting mushrooms', but the place he goes is on a steep hillside, so his knees always hurt him for days after.

They are morels, they found so few, that I did not have any this time!

Are they all actually mushrooms, Mike? So unique and beautiful, no matter what they are. The red one with the white polka dots reminds me of the one that Alice found the hookah-smoking caterpillar on.

One looks so much like a brain that I'm wondering if its folds are the exact same as that of a brain. Nature has an odd way of reproducing itself.

The white ones with the red globs on them kind of look like candy.

Makes you wonder how man ever got up the nerve to try them, especially once the deadly ones were sampled.

Oh wow !!! These are so cool, the one looks like a brain … I could say something funny, but that may take away from the beauty

Love these Mike


After extremely wet weather we get those large white ones, like the woman is holding in the 13th photo, and they can make you VERY ill just disturbing them in any way, especially kicking them. I cannot believe that they are edible before they mature! None for me thanks!

These are beautiful, I never thought there really was a red one with white polka dots. I love the second to last one which looks like a beard that should be worn by a dwarfThe colours are fantastic, thanks for posting Mike

Hey Mike, this is actually very cool! Especially if you post neat pictures periodically. And even better, if you don't tell us what they are and we have to guess!

VERY cool pics, Mike. Thanks for the fun.


I love random things like this... they are all either mushrooms or toadstools (think most are mushroom). Whilst I love eating mushrooms in my normal dinners, I would feel uncomfortable eating any that I was not 100% sure were edible. I remember a supermarket over here being caught selling psychoactive mushrooms a few years ago and all the hell up that caused because of the number of people who had bought them unsuspectingly.


Love these. Thanks for sharing.

Glad the thread has been so popular with people... A sneak peek at next Sunday's pics:

Anyone guess the theme? xx