It is Sunday so here are my images for 26 May 2013

The theme for this week is extreme weather

This photo is one of the only photos that shows lightning caused by the static from a volcanic eruption... just one more hazard if you happen to be in its way.

This is a dust storm in Phoenix

The above are various lightning shots by a single photographer (seemingly with a death wish)

A storm is brewing in the Caribbean yet still the fools flock to the biggest lightning conductor on the planet (aka the ocean)

Here we have a waterspout forming next to a lava river entering the ocean

Very cold photo

A flash flood in China

Fancy being hit by hail this size? Me neither, although some days I feel like I have been suck outside in a deluge of it

Waves breaking over a research ship (not really weather but a nice photo none the less)

This is a VERY cold lighthouse

Next up we have the result of a landslide... I have seen one little landslide when I lived in Cornwall and it was scary enough... I would hate to be in a bigger one

Lightning in Minnesota

A rainbow (well two) in Chile

A nice wave for surfing (again not truly "weather")

Colorado hit by a tornado

another in South Dakota

An awful lot of water in Guatamala

An extreme waterspout in Florida along with lightning

A big wave about to wash a lighthouse (you did not think people cleaned them did you?)

Another tornado, this time in Wyoming

A thunderstorm viewed from afar

Well that is all the photos I have to put up at the moment. I hope that they are of interest. Not sure what next weeks topic will be so suggest if you like. Also, please remember that it is easy for those of us in relatively safe parts of the world to see this and "ohh" and "ahh" but there are people who have weather like this as a daily reality. When bad weather comes your way please do what you can to help other people, wildlife and pets to be safe, to survive and to come out the other side smiling.


These are awesome:) I am a bit of a meteorologist wanna be. We don’t get any bad weather like this in the uk but we still com

Sorry spasms lol. Was gonna we still complain. As I am new to the site I don’t know what you have already done but will come up with some ideas xxx

If you search for "Sunday" and "Mike" you will find all my previous threads to look at :P

I complain about weather all the time... Scottish weather is weird lol xx

Truly fascinating. Yes, they are interesting and beautiful. You're right, some of these photographers want a picture more than their life! It's an unpredictable and amazing world we live in.

Praying for our LWF family that live near Oklahoma City.

Ok, the Guatamala flooding photo with the two people standing on the road...with an UMBRELLA? Really? It might not do much good!

The umbrella is for the camera lol :P

Beautiful to look at through photos yet so deadly and destructive! A lot of us can count our blessings we are geographically located in areas that experience these natural disasters! Although it cannot always be predicted when these take place the best we can do is reach out help the poor victims in whatever way we can. I loved some of your comments Mike...made me giggle! Thanks for sharing and I'll try to think of something for your next theme! Hope your day is going well and relatively pain free! Sue

Hi Mike!

Wow! A reminder of what is always happening around us. For now the house-shaking storms are over, the weather has finally warmed a bit, with evidence of damage from a hard freeze the other night. I finally got out and walked today, my best defense against my weakening bones.

Hope you are having a good day! Thanks for these amazing photos!



Glad your weather warmed up a bit, SK. We need to get out, for sure!

Hope the weather there turns itself to Summer for you :)... Hope you enjoyed a good walk. I have been to the farm today and am tired out even though I stayed in the car :(... Took some new photos too... will upload a couple on a blog post later xx