It is Sunday so here are my images for 07 July 2013

Sorry there are not many images today. They are all images that won awards in 2012.

I have been very busy recently and today is my first labrador's birthday who died a few years back so it is a sad day in a way and a happy day so I can remember him... he is the first photo

He was a beautiful dog and I am sure he brought you much joy. I love the photo of the ocean at night.

The ocean is bio luminescent because of the bacteria in it... It is my favourite I think x

I have not been on the site long but I think so far that is my favorite to. Did I miss the post concerning your announcement to your mates parents?

It went well... I can not remember if I posted or not but it is all formal now :) xx

You didn’t post it that I know of, and I kept on checking, thought you were trying to keep us in suspense. Glad it went well, love the pictures. Your black lab was beautiful, he had such sad eyes, how could you resist giving him anything he wanted. The ocean at night is my favorite as well, love that you can see the stars. Thanks for posting Mike.

Awesome photos, Mike! Great job. You are very talented. hugs~ Sandi :slight_smile:

Lovely pics Mike & your dog was just beautiful!!!!