It is Sunday so here are my images for 02 June 2013

Sorry this is a little late today. Here are today's images

That is your lot this week... I would be surprised if any of you can tell me what links them


Fantastic photography, thanks Mike!

Great images Mike, the only link I can guess is that they’re all from one country.
Particularly loved the bear with her two cubs. Can’t think of any country that has
Grizzly bears and elephants, don’t forget to tell us what the link is.

Hey Mike,

Great photos again! I was thinking Africa, but the bear and snow capped mountain threw that one out! I am curious to know the link! ugh!!

Missed that! Link, I'll guess that they were all published through National Geographic!

Sk, you're so smart. I bet that's it!

Excellent, all of them.. You going to tell us, Mike?

How do you know these things? They are all national geographic award winners... Next week I will upload more of them I think xx

Oh boy, so I won the prize?

Tea and crumpets or maybe pizza and beer with you and Peter?

I will even do the washing up if you come over to stay for a week or two :P xx

Omg these pics are beautiful !!!

I really enjoyed them, didn’t have a clue where you got them, but I’m not surprised SK figured it out… She is one smart cookie !!

Thanks mike, can’t wait to see more :slight_smile: