I’m wondering if anyone faces what I’m facing and if you have any suggestions. I have found that I have isolated myself from others. With my physical issues and my mental issues I stay home. I rarely go anywhere. I will go to the grocery when I absolutely need to. I don’t go anywhere with my husband anymore. I suffer from anxiety and panic when I have to go somewhere. It’s better if I have my husband nearby but it’s just very hard. Right now my youngest daughter and her family are staying with us because they are moving to Ohio and leaving on Friday (they have 3 little girls). I love them dearly but I’m on edge and as much as I hate to admit it, I will be glad when Friday gets here. I will miss them terribly but I want my house back. My daughter is a neat freak with her house but not mine. It’s been difficult because I want to leave and go somewhere but my anxiety and panic disorder keeps me home! My therapist suggested that I ask if others are facing this isolation issue too. Thanks for listening!!

I did what Tammy suggested and it does work , I don't do crowds at all and I avoid people I don't know . My main reason for the isolation is home is my comfort and I can do what is needed to feel better here . with my fog I know I'm going to have a problem with new people and sometimes it's just not worth it .

No meds for those particular two but I think I will talk to my doctor. Oh Suzanne! That’s exactly how I feel! Thank you both so much. I needed to hear that, makes me feel not so alone.


I promise you, you are not alone. While you may be isolating yourself from the rest of the world, there are a lot of people out there doing the same thing. I just went through exactly what you're going through right now. My husband's family came for a visit for his and his sister's birthday. They stayed in our house and I felt like I was going to explode. Some of it was because his mother and I have our MIL-DIL issues, but a lot of it was the fact that I was stuck being around people 24/7. I had to go hide in my room a few times, I got angry(mostly MIL stuff) and I cried quite a bit. As far as going out of the house, I am presently very anxious because I think I'm going to visit my mom and step dad alone. I won't actually be going alone you see, I will be going with my brother and grandparents, but to even leave the house without my husband makes me feel a little scared and also a little depressed. I think most of my isolation comes from the fact that I can not really go places on my own (can't drive/refuse to get a driver's license because of the spasms I have- I'm afraid my legs will start kicking or I'll have a neck spasm that causes extreme brain fog). I think now, because I have gotten so used to not going anywhere without my husband, doing so makes me extremely nervous. He and I do go out, but most of the time I get stressed out and it turns a least a little negative. I am afraid of social settings and afraid that I'm going to fall in public. Generally, if I want to leave, we leave.

Is your husband sensitive to your needs and your illness? If so, I would recommend slowly getting out, just the two of you. Get into a setting where no one will be looking at you, so you don't feel like you're in the spotlight. Maybe start by going to a park with your husband, so you will be around other people, but not in close proximity or in a real social setting. Slowly work your way up to be able to go with your husband when he goes places. Never make yourself stay anywhere when you start to feel uncomfortable. If you are uncomfortable, just leave. If you feel like you have to stay places when you go, you will feel trapped and your anxiety will just get worse.

Thank you everyone for your responses!! I still cannot believe there are other people out there who feel the way I do AND have almost the exact same issues!! Thankfully my husband does understand I don’t know what I would do if he didn’t!! I’m so thankful to have found this support group, I know it’s going to help me to not feel so all alone!

I, too, isolate myself because of my emotional issues. Family has a hard time accepting and understanding something they can't see. My son-in-law has told me he doesn't like the way I "treat" dad because my wonderful husband knows how much I hurt and helps me soooo much. But my son-in-law thinks I'm just making him do things he shouldn't have to. It's hard to know people think that of you, so you tend to withdraw. I personally am focusing on myself right now. I am seeking counseling and working on getting myself emotionally stronger before I face the rest of the world. It seems to be okay for now. It is a little lonely, but I do have a supportive husband.

I have isolated myself also. I just want to be in the house were I feel safe and nobody can judge me. I have gained weight since I have been diagnosed with fibro. I feel embarrassed to go out and I get really bad anxiety attacks in the process which I can't get my Dr. to understand or my family as far as that goes. I go to therapy and she understands fully. My doctor is going to talk with my doctor so they both understand what I am going through physically, emotionally and mentally.

I isolate, too. I recently had to quit volunteering because of a fibro flare. It's been devastating. I moved from tx to ca 4 years ago and have not made any lasting friendships. I'm completely on my own. I split with my ex when I moved here. Both my parents have passed. My best friend of 20 years moved on. I got involved in a toxic, long distance relationship that pushed me over the edge. I totally lost it. That was two years ago. I've been almost totally housebound with pretty much no one to even talk to. It's been bizarre. Never experienced isolation like this. In the past I've experienced more of what you're talking about. It would come and go. My ex and I would be on our way to a restaurant or the store and I would have a major panic attack. It was so frustrating. Sometimes I would just go somewhere more comfortable like the park to work on just desensitizing. Other times I needed my psych meds to be tweaked. My isolation and anxiety seem to feed off of each other. Hope you get to feeling better. :)

Dearest Isolation, I was where you are not long ago. Reading your post brings me back to my knees in thankfulness that people here cared. They cared by no coincidence. I will be honest with you. You are not ugly, no are not unlovable, you have more to contribute than you will ever know. You have a mind that is not crazy no matter what anyone says. You have purpose. Dear one, our prison is of our own making. I withdrew because of a dominating partner who has no love for me at all, only the want to control and I am only a disappointment. I allowed the threats and namecalling get to me and steal my joy. My family totally stopped contact with me because they do not want to understand Fibromyalgia and Psoriatic Arthritis. It just is not a part of their world. I had terrible thoughts, thoughts that it would be better if I were not around, less of a burden, and would not be missed. Fortunately, the good Lord got me through those times and so did the folks at this site. Since visiting here I have come such a long way but I would be fooling myself, I have a long way to go towards healing. I have had to look at the "woman" in the mirror and realized that I was harboring unforgiveness and hurt towards the people who did not understand my disease and who said horribly hurtful things to me or didn't say anything at all and just acted like I didn't exist. I have more forgiveness to work through, the hardest one of all. I must forgive myself. I am sending love and encouragement to you. I truly understand where you are. I believe we who hurt can help eachother. Everyone here is of the same mind and spirit. We need you here! Come and join in chat sometime, it helped me open up, folks here are so very kind and giving. Love, Treasure

Isolation, you are not here by mistake. You are beautiful. This helps me. Gentle Hugs, Treasure