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Is Your Fibro also be Mineral problems and allergies?


Hi All -

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 25 years ago in my late 20s. I tried lots of different things - some of them helpful - some not so much. Through all the treatments I was always trying to find the root cause because let's face it Fibromyalgia is a garbage diagnosis given when the doctors can't figure out the cause.

Then about 1.5 years ago I moved and went to a new doc who was an MD with a naturalist approach. My symptoms had gotten worse so I went for prolotherapy injections. They were helpful but didn't last so she started digging deeper. I gave her all my older bloodwork and history of the usual culprits - hysterectomy due to enctometriosis, etc. My old bloodwork showed my extreme low levels of calcium, magnesium, potassium, Vit D and blood sodium. I had been taking supplements for years and salting my food so later blood work showed up normal.

After reviewing the full history she said to me "Oh my, your body can't process sugars, gluten or alcohols. Apparently because of the low magnesium, calcium etc. I don't have the minerals to break down the sugars so when I eat them, the supplements don't help and my body goes to my large muscle groups to steal what it can of these minerals causing pain. She said it was important to avoid all sugars except I could occasionally have an apple or pear. No sugar substitutes and watch all hidden sugars (many mayo, mustards, bacon, all processed lunch meats etc.) The only sweetner I can use on occasion for cooking is Coconut Nector made from the flowers (not the plants). She told me if I got a hold of sugars it would be 3 days of pain because that is how long it took the body to recover.

Skeptical at first, I immediately started seeing changes. I've been following a very rigorous diet for 18 months now and I can tell you no more pain or Fibromyalgia symptoms unless I or some restaurant server/chef unwittingly poisons me. If that happens - 3 days of pain just like she said. From a cause and effect personal study - my doctor was right on target.

So if your past blood work has shown these same deficiencies and you are popping magnesium, calcium etc thinking it will balance you - think again.

If you want help in finding brands without sugar etc. let me know. Watch every little thing - flavored teas with fruit etc. There are hidden culprits everywhere. I'm lucky enough to live near Disney where they take food allergies very seriously so if we eat out - it's there or independent restaurants where the food is made fresh and they can accommodate.

It's made a huge difference to my life.

I hope this helps many of you.


Thank you, this has been helpful. Thank you for your consideration of others