Is Vitamin D the Cure?

For over a year, I have been suffering from chronic pain coasting up and down. I had just gone to my school's health center due to pain for the last 3 weeks in which I could not make it to classes. They took bloodwork, and one test says I have LOW Vitamin D in my blood. 16 compared to reference range of 30-80. If you look it up, Vitamin D is very important. Without it, it can cause pains and other illnesses INCLUDING FIBROMYALGIA. Is this why I am in so much pain? Did my doctor look over this last year? Is not being in the sunlight enough why I hurt? I will know by monday about the Lyme disease test, but it is interesting that my level is low as I am in pain.
Any Ideas or Suggestions?

Hi Suzanne,

I'm sorry to say there is no cure for Fibromyalgia. Having low vitamin D does seem to be a common problem for those of us with Fibro. I do take vitamin D every day and I believe it has helped some. Overall I do feel better. I don't seem to have quite as many flairs as I was having. I would suggest talking to your doctor about whether you should be taking it and if so at what dose. I don't know if spending more time in the sun would really help. I have to limit my time in the sun because of some of the meds I'm on.


Dottie S.

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Hi Suzanne,

I was diagnosed with Fibro in August of 2008. A couple of years ago my vitamin D result came back low. I took vitamin D

For quite awhile and I did not see a difference, but that was me. I am eager to see what others on here say. How has your pain level been since you have been taking vitamin D? Let us know how you are doing.

Thanks for sharing.

Jackie S

I have not started the dose yet, but will buy some tonight. I wanted to see what others had to say about this because I am kinda upset at my family doctor for not checking this almost 2yrs ago

I read an article a couple of weeks ago about low Vitamin D and they stated that if you do as the recommended dose of 2000iu a day it isn't enough to bring your levels up and they suggested taking 5000iu a day. I have been doing that for a couple of weeks now. I can't say that I can tell a change in my pain but it has helped my mood.

Hello Suzanne,

I have also read about low vit D levels.

My Doc was not unduly concerned about my low levels, as he said it could be easily rectified. Before you start taking it please check with your Doc about correct dosage.

Take care, Anne

Hello, it is a good idea to make sure your doctor is ok with whatever dose of Vitamin D you want to take. Too much Vitamin D can cause serious health issues as well so you don't want to go too far the other way. As Dottie said, there is no cure for Fibro unfortunately. It is good that you are advocating for your health, I just wanted to make sure you keep open lines of communication with the doctor on supplement use. Hugs.

Hi Suzanne.

I think that many of us also have low Vitamin D3 and need to take supplements. First I needed a month of high dose Vitamin D3 to get mine up to where it should be, so don't be surprised if your doctor prescribes a higher initial dose for you too. I do hope you discuss the dosage with your doctor. Too high of a dosage can cause problems. Too low and it might not help.

I think there is a problem with our receptor sites being able to allow Vitamin D3 to attach to them. Kind of like trying to send an astronaut up to the ISS space station by using a plane instead of a shuttle. The plane can't connect to the ISS just as the Vit. D3 can't attach to our receptor sites.

Yes, for sure a lack of Vit. D3 can cause muscle pain, etc., etc. but at the end of the day, if you also have fibromyalgia, you will still have the symptoms of it, I am sorry to report. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't get the Vit. D3 deficiency addressed. But also try to keep an open mind about the possibility that you have fibro as well as Vit. D3 deficency.

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The doctor wants me on 6,000 i.u. daily for four weeks, then down to like 200 i.u. I think. I am not sure about the lower dose. I was tested for Lyme Disease. It was a bit low, but still Equivocal, so in like 6 weeks, they want to do it again. They say it's doubtful I have Lyme Disease, but I guess it is a part of protocol.
I feel crazy hoping I do have Lyme Disease. With Fibromyalgia, I feel that my doctors do not believe my pain. I have had a "flare up" for over four weeks now. It still continues at this moment and gets worse each day. I have missed classes, and must make up over 20 assignments from the last four weeks. I have tried everything for relief, but no luck. Any ideas?

Does anyone know what is the proper dose for maintenance?
Anyone have a brand they swear by?

For me there was no change. Well the boys had lots more energy to play hockey. :roll_eyes:

As a Registered Dietitian for 30 years, I strongly advise to avoid Vitamin D supplementation unless you have documented low Vitamin D. There is significant risk of Vitamin D toxicity of interest to those of us with FM: mental confusion, weakness, constipation, nausea along with effects on other nutrients. Too low and too high levels bad so let’s aim for just right.


Well said and very true…


I’ve been studying Vit D and taking it since 2006, thanks to my sister who lost her battle with MS…she brought the Vit D deficiency to my presence. I take 5 to 10K daily with K2 and I believe so many being so deficient only caused more havoc in the Covid work…so many aging people are deficient.

If one can spend hours in the great sun that is good but millions do not, and I came in from yrs of sun in my 50’s fearing skin cancer.

To keep balance one needs to make sure they are getting enough magnesium thru the day, another known deficiency in our population.

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I would say low vitamin D could certainly cause extra pain, but there is no cure for fibro (maybe we will see one some day). Vitamin D can cause many things, and I do believe low vitamin D could be another trigger to the onset of flares, but once we are triggered, I believe it is here to stay unfortunately :pensive:


I can def relate…I went through the test and hoping it was lyme disease too because at least then there would be an end in sight…but I didn’t get lucky! They thought I had lupus, so fibromyalgia was the lucky part I guess…but it doesn’t feel lucky by any means