Is this normal?!

I had a question. I am new to fibro and was wondering if you could answer it for me. I had an "episode" where i was mowing grass and raking and just way overdid it and ever since then its like my brain has gone into a complete fog! I am very nervous all the time.. zone out alot and then snap back to reality which scares me. Things look weird like ill look at something and it looks like its just not right. im very dizzy and floaty. just very weird things that seem like im going crazy.. its been 3 days since the episode and its gotten alittle better but not much. is this a normal fibro episode? And if so is there anything i can do for it? I also am taking cymbalta for this and anxiety and im wondering if it could be a side effect of that? I have been taking it for almost a month now. Im very nervous and scared and just want to know that im not crazy and it will pass.. Any comments would be appreciated !! Thanks

It could be a side affect of the meds or dehydration due to heat, meds and working hard. I would call your doctor and let them know what you are experiencing and see what they say.

I get real foggy after a long day with stress here and there, as well as even waking up with it. It comes when it wants to roar it’s nasty head! This morning my husband and planted some flowers and revised our rock garden and with the heat and getting up and down, I would get really dizzy and had to plop down and sit for awhile. Hubby got me water and I was sweating like a pig. Fog came about 5 hours later when the pain increased. Should have paced myself better. Live and learn!

Dear Mariah

I am not a doctor so I can only tell you what makes sense to me. You already have the clue when you say "I just way overdid it." You also worked outside in the sun so that could be a contributing factor. It could be that as your system is still getting used to Cymbalta that this could be a side effect of that coupled with the effects of the sun.

No Mariah you are not crazy and yes, it will pass. You need rest and this may need several days. However, if you are still struggling with these problems and you think that enough time has elapsed with extra rest then you should see your doctor.

Gentle hugs


Hi Mariah!

I asked my Rheumatologist about the cognitive problems/fog I was having, and he simply told me that it's the product of chronic pain and lack of sleep from chronic pain.

The biggest thing we all seem to have in common is that we are/were classic 'over-doers'! Such tasks may be best done by others, if there are no others, take you time, don't try to do it all at once! If necessary, take days!

Be kind to yourself!



Hi Mariah and welcome! It's so nice to have you with us and I hope our site proves beneficial to you.

To answer your question, no, you are definitely not nuts!!! My guess is that it's either the Cymbalta (quite possible,) the fibro (quite likely,) or a combo of both (more than likely.) Yes, I get it all of the time now, usually after I've over exerted my self (hmmmm, sound familiar?) I know that it's not a part of who I am because I'm having an unusually lucid day today and know how fogged out and wacked out I usually am. Just as you describe it. And mine can come on instantly, with no warning! BOOM! One minute I'm feeling pretty good and normal, the next I'm totally fogged out. Oh, and sometimes if I shake my head or jostle my computer screen, the same thing will happen with the fog.

So please try not to worry too much about it. I would suggest calling your doctor to let him/her know, just to cover all bases, including asking if your meds could be doing this to you. I find that the only "treatment" is sleep. Resting helps to make it recede.

I hope this helps to reassure you because my fogs are exactly like yours, even the feelings of unreality, like things look weird or not right. In my case, I felt like I'd shrunk in size and everything around me felt so much bigger! Like being in Alice in Wonderland. Dizzy and floaty, check! Zone in and out, check! Make stupid little mistakes, like driving down the wrong street when I'm in the fog, check! Yes to ALL of it. And btw it DOES go away...with rest.

Please try to pace yourself. I personally know it's hard, because we want to run out and do EVERYTHING we can when we feel well, but this is often the end result of that thinking. In our case, for us, everything is pacing. Doing something then taking a break after a bit in order to rest. Drink water to rehydrate. Repeat cycle. Most likely you'll end up accomplishing more and feeling less drained if you try it this way.

I hope you're starting to feel better now.

Gentle blessings to you,


Hi Mariah. What a beautiful name!

I find that when I do anything that involves exertion, like raking or pushing a mower, I get knocked down. I am rarely able to do that type of work. If I have a day where I feel really good I can do some, but it is very important to take breaks. I get the same type of thing you are describing and can feel the effect for days.

The only recommendations I have are 1) check out your meds, could they be contributing? and 2) rest every 10 to 15 minutes if you feel like it or not. I know we have days where we feel like Wonder Woman occasionally, but we are not! Frequent breaks are important.

You will come out of this flare.