Is it Written in the Stars?

Philosophically, I often wonder… Why Fibro specifically? Why now in my life? What insights can be gained from having to live with Fibro? How will it affect my path?

I know I had dived into life head first and taken on too much and needed to slow down, but is that why the Fibro? Was it written in the stars somewhere there was more for me than just career goals and reaching life’s other milestones? I don’t know for sure, but I do like to imagine there may be some philosophical reason to do with all! :)

What do you think?

Do you think there may be some cosmic reason out there that your stars may have collided with Fibro, so to speak?



Yes a good topic. Interesting to hear what others think. For me, at a time in my life when I do have more time and lots of lovely grandchildren to look after, it has been a bad thing! Can't look after the granchildren like I would love to. So who knows!

Take care, Anne

I think stress has alot to do with it, I work really hard and had 2 children. I was on do it all speed! Never really took time for me. So i think we are a stressed nation…but women do alot more. I am glad my kids are a bit older, but still hard not to be able to do as much with them.

Since being diagnosed earlier this week I have been wondering the same thing. Did the fact I was raised in an abusive home, was a teenage mother in an abusive relationship and later in an abusive marriage for 15 years that ended in a nasty divorce lead to this head on collision with Fibro? I know the stress of the divorce did, but looking back I have to wonder if the pain I have lived with over the years was my body saying something was wrong? Being diagnosed with Fibro has made me look back and wish that I had paid more attention to my body and slowed down and learned to control the stress and worry about me and my children first and everyone else second. This is a disease I wouldn't wish on anyone, but I have to see it as a blessing because it's made me realize that it's time to take care of me and slow down and enjoy what I have.

for me it all started with a very severe case of chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome and then all of the other ailments jumped on board. many of you already know my story. to be as brief as possible the complexity of it and the multitude of symptoms way more than just fatigue and pain has left me disabled for 28 years with the first 10 years totally bedridden unable to care for myself , anyone or anything. I went through much dispair wondering when it will ever release me. After all the years passed my husband i and thought that no one could be this ill and not dying.. I sure had plenty of time to ponder the meaning of my life unable to talk, walk, feed nor wash myself, type, use a computer , read and on and on. I begged and pleaded to the universe to come to my rescue.. more years passed and somehow i was slowly able to begin to do those basic things as i am now. I am not bedridden but fairly homebound but so very grateful at my progress. All i can tell you about the cosmos and such is that i think there is some reason behind life here on earth as a human being but i am not so sure of it. I do know that i want to live and live to be better indeed . I dont know what possible reason we are here and have to suffer so intently and not just with illness but all the other stuff that goes on here on this planet from homelessness and hunger to crazy terroristic effents. I will tell you that the I am over the pity party and i am over bitterness and anger. I waste not another moment on any negative feelings about what has happened to my health and I hope, pray, wait, expect effective treatment, cures and miracles. I am open to all the positiveness and joy that i can embrace. Since i detached myself from negativity i have opened myself to empathy , compassion, patience and tolerance. So maybe there is some lesson i had to learn on this journey.. ok but what now? Have i graduated? Acquired the wisdom that was part of my journey? Can i use it for my good? the world's good? Can i have a working body that can move about once again and retain the lessons i obtained? Perhaps i am still colliding. I was reading something about the miracles and i remember that there are some that are spontaneous ones like the blind man seeing , for examples and that some other miracles or healings are longer and slower.. I guess mine is the latter. But i wait in hope and am open.......



Interesting topic . . . for me, I think it just happened. I also (like many of you) was career driven, ran full steam ahead with everything and seldom took me time. I don't know why Fibro "chose" me? I know many others that STILL run full speed ahead with little down time and they are perfectly healthy. So why didn't Fibro choose them? HMM, it is an interesting question for sure. Hugs.