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Is it or is it not? LOL


Well... I had an appointment with my MS Dr. This is the first time I believe I got everything said that needed to be said. We are doing some medication changes. I will still be doing the Betaseron injections. MS Dr. said she is not convinced that I have Fibro. She believes EVERYTHING I am experiencing is MS. The pain in my joints, my back, knees, elbows... Migraines, Fatigue, Muscle twitches, stinging...my memory, my bladder and Bowels All MS... ALTHOUGH... my Rheumatologist still insists that I have Fibro.

I think at this point I need to really get them working on agreeing. One thing the MS has over Fibro is a brain MRI identifies it... since I was diagnosed with Fibro. and coming to this support group I learned from reading others posts that I was different...yeah I have a lot of the same junk going on but I was different in that my pain was different and in my joints and constant Bursitis. Just many things that left me questioning the Fibro diagnoses. YES it is possible to have both. My Rheumy says yes I have both. The MS dr. has doubts at this point....no doubt I have MS !!! Rheumy doubts that...LOL

I pulled out all of my Rheumys medical records and told MS Dr. she really needed to look at these and maybe that will help in making treatment choices. I am very good at obtaining my medical records from every Dr. I see and I obtain reports of any and all tests I have done... I carry them to every Dr appointment I go to... I bought a file folder and have a pocket for each Dr. I see. If a Dr. needs records from another I just pull them out and they make copies. No matter what it is all in that file. Although I am thinking about getting a wheeled packpack to haul that thing around in...lol... it is getting too heavy that and the other things I carry along with me..my purse and my journal...new meds...ect... Time to search the thrift shops and find something to suit my need.

Oh well so for me I am going to go with the MS dr. as my line of treatment goes and see if that helps me... Love my Rheumy but something has to give...

HUGGS Y'ALL!!!!!! Belinda


Hello Belinda,

Good to hear how you're doing, and as always so positive. Hope you get the right treatments, whether it be MS or Fibro, that is the important thing, and let us know. Wishing you well and sending warm thoughts.

Take care, Anne


That really seems like sound reasoning. Getting the MS treated soon is a good start. If you find you're still having problems, it may very well be secondary fibro. It's not at all uncommon to have it in conjunction with an autoimmune disease. I tend to believe there is a stong link there. And there is emerging data to back that up, but more is needed. Anyway, if you are still having fibro like symptoms with effective MS tx, you can treat it at that time. Hopefully, you can get your docs to speak to each other atsome point. I don't know what it is with some docs and why it's so hard to get them to collaborate? You'd think that working together would make treatment easier, safer, and a better experience for the patients!


Hi Belinda ,

It is very inspiring how diligent and pro active you are about your health!!!
Rock on, sista!!
Just had that to say right now and send you some




Thank You all... In the end it really does not matter what they label me with. MS and Fibro have many of the same symptoms. I was ready to snatch my rheumy up when he doubted the MS diagnoses but he agreed that I could have both... so that made him happy. Then when the MS dr. said she wasn't convinced that I had Fibro...LOL... I about fell out of my chair. Sometimes I get frustrated at the way things are going but... I read and re-read my medical records and see if I can help these Drs out a little...LOL

HUGGS, Belinda


Belinda, just sending you some hugs along with suzie. You got this!