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Iron deficiency anemia

Anyone take supplements for this?

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist but I am not permitted to give advice out of State. An easy to understand and up-to-date website is the Mayo Clinic and that may be a good place to start Internet search. It is most important to determine the cause of the deficiency. Also there are many types of anemia with iron being the most common.

Many physicians will quickly order iron supplements that treat the symptoms and not the cause and omit the other types of anemia. I cannot fault the medical providers because they have very little training in nutrition therapy in medical school – that’s the role of the dietitians. Improper treatment can lead to masking the actual cause.

If the iron levels are marginally low with no apparent cause, a balanced diet with red meats, whole grains, and green leafy vegetables is adequate for improving the anemia. Moderate anemia is treated with supplements and diet but severe anemia often requires transfusions. As a side note, iron-deficiency anemia levels seem to have increased after the push to decrease red meat; red meat is red because of the iron.

Sorry this is a long reply to a simple question. Actual the answer depends on the specifics and is complicated!

Thx much, I’m currently on Slow Fe and B12 since I take Prevacid. Doc scheduled me for and endoscopy & colonoscopy to rule out internal bleed.

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My poor daughter who is 56 dealt with Anemia for probably 2 decades. Had Iron I’V’s, and blood transfusions and all the iron s upplements and no help. Then thru a network of friends she found an HGH Homeopathic Transdermal gel that is rubbed in the skin on specific areas, and the 20 yrs of anemia gone. Docs were shocked, and her labs after being on the gel were stunning…she feels about 20 yrs younger.

The “gel” costs her about $5/day but worth every penny…it’s changing her life…I use it too now for close to a year…I’m 81. It’s given me back some of my youth…

The price scares people away so I mention that up front. Let me know if you want to know more. j