Introducing myself

I am caregiver for a daughter with fibro. She is 21 and just coming to grips with what this will mean for the rest of her life. She has had fibro for 7 years. She has been mostly bed-ridden since mid January last year. We have applied for a service dog to help her get a bit more independence and have been accepted. The dog is in training for her at the moment - so we wait...not so patiently:-)

I’m new, but it am awake this rainy Sunday morning, so I will welcome you.

It’s so funny that you mention the service dog, as I was just looking into that last night. I am doing well now, but given my conditions who can be sure that it will last? A helpful animal during my bad times would have been such a comfort! I understand the wait can be really long, so I hope that your daughter is able to find some relief during that time.

Thanks Grumpycat. Our we applied last year April, the interview was in September, and we could wait up to a year for the right dog, but it will be worth the wait. While we wait our old scottie and her cat both sleep on the bed for her comfort, which helps. She has photos of some service dogs next to her bed for encouragement too. I think it will be well worth the wait!

D’awwww! I love Scottie dogs. I always wanted one when I was little, but we had super silly dachshunds instead.
We have to wait until our current dog is no longer with us as he is not dog friendly. He is people friendly and and overall lunk-head, but not service dog material. I try to train one of my chinchillas for the position first.

The hardest thing the scottie does is lie on the bed:-) She adapted to being allowed on the furniture very easily and an interesting thing we noticed was that when my daughter went to her grandparents for a few days (not happening again! they have no clue!) and she was in pain - the dog hopped up on the bed and wouldn't budge except for food and ablutions. When she got home the dog was waiting for her. Her grandparents big untrained idiot of a dog started trying to take care of her while she was there. Some seem to sense that they are needed like that.

A chinchilla could work...interesting idea...but don't they leave pee trails? you would possible need an easily washable bedcover...we don't get them here in our part of South Africa, so I have never met one - only read about them

hi and welcome to this site full of lovely, caring, supportive people!

sending much love your way


thanks suzie

Thankyou lovett.

All of my animals seem to be really empathetic, except the dog! He jumps on me and crawls all over me eve when I am at my worst. I still love him though.

The chins are just good company. They make way too much waste to have the run of the house. They are so soft, though. When I have pain, holding them is soothing, so is caring for them. It’s great to focus elsewhere instead of being so inwardly centered. I think that any animal contact is helpful. And they do change when someone has an illness. My cats get super protective when I have been recovering from surgeries or not feeling my best. It’s really interesting.

Anyway, I think it’s so cool that your daughter will have her service dog.

welcome! I have thought off and on about getting a service dog over the years for my diabetes but it hasnt occurred to me how useful one could be for fibro. Can you tell me what the dog is being trained to do for your daughter?

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Hi lowernotes,

So good to know that you are so supportive of your daughter, it may seem like the natural response, but in reality it doesn't always happen this way!

We're glad to have you with us!


Hi Meadow

The dog will be able to help her balance, pull her up when she is too weak to get up by herself, open and close door and drawers, wake her on time for meds, call for help, help her cross the road and switch lights on and off. It will also be taught to press gently against her for comfort and 'grounding' when she is anxious or in pain.

Thanks Tina

Thanks. Glad to be here, SK