Interesting Tidbit On Fibromyalgia

I have had this book about fibromyalgia since I was diagnosed two years ago but I have never read it. The other night, in a fit of frustration over my flare up, I picked it up hoping for some help. I do not remember much of what I read thanks to my wonderful memory but one thing stuck out.

My fingernails, which I always keep pretty short because I work with horses and long nails and horses do not mix, grow downwards if I do let them grow some. Apparently this is common in people with fibro. It was such an odd little tidbit but I finally learned why my nails will curve down when they grow.

Has anyone else learned any odd tidbit that was an aha moment for you? :slight_smile:

I put it on my calendar. I think the party should be in Belize! Haha.

Yes, i read in fibro book that was one of main one out about 7 years pain specialist recommended it. I read in it about how fibro people have callus on side of large toe because we walk certain way due to our hips hurting. I do have that and use pumice on it regularly to keep it under control as well as buy shoes that help me to not walk so much that way.

It was like a WOW! moment for me...i was just skimming his book in his office...never forget it.

But you might also be able to answer another question for me. I want to eventually get small horse, pony or midget mule so when i go out hiking and either get sick or hurt too much, i can ride out. But with all my hip pain been wondering if this is realistic since my hips might hurt more in the position on horse back.

I plan to volunteer at rescue site where i can ride a little before i actually get down to buying or rescuing one. Now it just too painful in snow we got plus roads been closed more than open so i cannot get down to volunteer.

If you have any thoughts on this, i appreciate it. How you have dealt with daily chores of cleaning stalls etc....i do have dogs and try to walk them daily but since we got snowed in poor dogs were stuck for i figure i must move out of snow before this happens or board them in places out of snow....which is half hour away. thanks and i have not noticed my finger nails growing down ward but i do not ever have long nails as i have always been out doors too much, gardening etc and they break off so clipping short is just easier. My fingers are crooked a bit from my RA of them grow weird.

Wow Anne, My poimters do grow down and that is odd. I did find something odd but like you I forgot, so I'll have to come back with it lol. I agree with the party and would love to go to Belize to MBP, will you hide me in your suitcase?

When my doctor was in the process of diagnosing me back in the 90’s (even though he didn’t let me in on the exact name of why I was having such pain and problems), he would ask me if my urine smelled liked cooked asparagus!!! I had never thought about it, but had noticed the strong smell on really painful days. He said something about it being my body relieving it of toxins that my muscles were getting rid of. That was it. Does anyone else notice it? Still going on and doesn’t get better by increasing water intake or if I’m on pain meds. After reading up on Fibro I was amazed at how many additional similar problems we all have ie: IBS, TMJ, constipation,etc.

Forget the suitcase. I will win the lottery and we will all go first class!

Hi Sandy - One thing I can share with you, is that I am getting a lot more UTI infections now. I don't know if it's connected with my Fibro, but I suspect it is. I also had very severe TMJ. Have had it for years. About 2 years ago, I had to have all teeth extracted, largely due to TMJ. However my teeth were replaced with really beautiful ones now. But losing my teeth was devastating to me and along with my FIbro and Arthritis, I was pretty depressed for a while. It just seemed like my whole body was breaking down. Laurie


I want to go to Belize-It's like 20 degrees here today!! Always thought it was interesting about losing balance and not thinking straight. Since I was a child people would say, "You need ballet, you are too clumsy." and they would ask, "Are you on drugs? You look so spacey".

I keep my nails short too but will have to watch for these things to see. Some of my issues are attributed to EDS though. I received an official diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome with Hypermobility yesterday, at U of Michigan. I do have iBS and likely have TMJ and much more. I'm clumsy, look a lot younger than my age, have skin that's thin and tears easy, joints that pop and click because they actually slip out of joint. All of that and more is related to EDS but also probably to the fibro which for me is related to EDS also. This health merry go round is definitely no fun lol.

Hi Anne,

Great post. This is really going to help a lot of people, sharing these little tidbits that we don't really think about otherwise.

I was wondering, did it say that the way the nail grows is "clubbing"? That's a sign of a lot of different diseases, and I've never heard of anything like this related to FMS. So it's very cool to learn !

I also have the callouses on my feet from walking wrong.... I never thought about it being because of the hip pain. I learned a lot today from you guys, thanks for all your input !

Hugs to all,
Renie ♥

My nails grow very wide and then downward.

My bones are cracking in the weirdest places! I too have TMJ, and I have celiacs. My co-worker said she started with fibro, and now has MS.....I wonder if fibro causes the body to stop functioning. It certainly feels like I'm dead during a flare up....What is your thought?

Christina, I don’t think fibro leads to MS or to anything else. I think fibro is related in that the other condition is there and is just diagnosed later. MS is an autoimmune disease just like many of the dishes that other people on this site suffer from, such as RA and Lupus. SKs doc has a theory that fibro is a result of chronic pain caused by something else. She has SA and it took 7 years to diagnose but I am sure it was there before her diagnosis. Also, many tests that doctors rely on to diagnose many of these things will be normal even after symptoms have started. You need, we all need, docs who are willing to keep digging and not just give up after one round of normal results.

I would definitely recommend riding somewhere before you commit to buying a horse just to see how you do with it. There are days when I get on and my hips are so stiff and sore. But we all have different levels of pain and what we can handle.

Okay Im going to start packing.. :)

I have always had uti’s but since I was diagnosed with fibro and I to have a very strong urine smell as well. I guess my body is full of toxins due to the many disorders/syndromes etc. is there any vitamins, medications to help with this? It makes me wonder if you get hot and sweat will these toxins release and cause an odor…I hope not cuz I am OCD about germs!

I know what u mean Laurie! I use to hike in the mountains work two jobs and was very active. Now I wake up to a new body every day which seems to get worse with more conditions diagnosed. I am having a hard time working but I just want to give up most days. I am sick of being this way and very little support from the medical community with drs telling me that all I need is high impact aerobics…didn’t go back to that dr, especially when he said I’m going to be your worst nightmare, hello I thought fibro was accepted as a legitimate disease/syndrome. Then I have family members (sister) who think I am faking and lazy even though I work full time. My body is breaking down every day and stress is a major reason my health has gotten worse. Drs say exercise will heal me well I think they forget with Cfs/fm that when I do manage to work I come home so exhausted I have to rest just to have the energy to shower. Then last week I was diagnosed with raynauds disease. I miss my life!

Hi Anne, thanks for that info, I love horses, but have not been to the barn because I can’t stand the cold… However I’m getting very anxious to just be around them, it’s always so therapeutic for me.
My nails only grow in July & aug… Kinda weird, but it’s got to be the sunshine that does it, I never noticed them growing down word, but it’s an interesting tidbit.
Hugs & blessings

Hi fibro49 - I just posted in the discussion section, 'how does your body feel when you get up in the morning?' For years, my family didn't really believe or understand what I was going through. It's so hard to put in to words when trying to explain it to someone who has never been through Fibro before. Actually exercising is NOT the best thing to do when you have Fibro. I can't tell you how many times I have just slowly stretched my body - and BAM!!! I have set off another trigger point. Walking is supposed to be good, but I have a problem with this, because my hips hurt a lot and if I DO decide to walk, I never get very far. For those people that think we are 'faking' this, I would like them to spend one week in our shoes. Believe me, they would be miserable and probably couldn't take the pain like we do. Stress is what started my Fibro as well. I have had Fibro for over 30 years now. I can manage it okay, but the awful flare-ups really knock me for a loop! What people don't understand is, that we suffer chronic pain......every day. Most of us are terrible sleepers. So on top of dealing with the physical pain, we have to deal with not getting enough sleep. I am happy that you are on this website, as I think it's the best one out of all the sites I have looked at. I have gotten so much information, support and advice from our group and mentally, it has really lifted my spirits, because so often I have felt very alone in dealing with my Fibromyalgia. You will make good friends as well. Hope to talk to you again soon! Laurie