Insulting prick

I am not happy. I decided to go to the mainland today and when I got off the ferry decided to take the train to the town instead of the bus. Here is the conversation I had with the ticket salesman whom I shall abbreviate as "P" for "prick". I of course am "M":

M: I would like a ticket to Greenock please.

P: Which station?

M: Greenock

P: There are eight stations in Greenock. (news to me)

M: The one in the centre, next to Tesco

P: I don't know which one you mean

M: Well any station there then please

P: You need to change trains at Port Glasgow

M: *shows him my disability card* a single then please

P: You do not look disabled. I cannot accept the card

M: Then please get your manager, some people have illnesses that are invisible but very much real

P: Well I tell you what, I will accept it this once

M: You will accept it every time because it is perfectly valid. I am sorry all my limbs are intact and I am not deformed

P: *charges me for ticket and hands me ticket saying "Greenock - all stations"*

M:It says all stations so we did not need to debate did we

P: If you continue harassing me you will be barred from travelling

Well, I guess I may have over reacted but I am not happy at all at being told that fibro is not a disability because I do not look disabled. He did not look like a first class prick until he opened his mouth but if he handed me a card saying so I would not question him.

Any similar experiences? xx

I have reported him :D... I took great pleasure in reporting him lol. I asked for a written reply in case I decide to take action against them. Not that I will take legal action but the threat of it usually prompts them to retrain staff just in case because it looks good should it go to court.

As for limiting my language, I had to go through and change the word several times lol. *hugs* to you as well xxx

Mike, I think you did an AWESOME job of handling P! Your answers were incredible! How much you've changed and how much stronger you've become in such a short time.

Here is what I suggest: find out who the governing body is for the ticketmasters and write them a letter, including this transcript. Better still, find an organization that deals with disabilities and report this. The ticketmaster is abusive and this needs to be stopped at once. No one deserves to be treated like that, let alone a disabled person.

I think you did such a good job of handling him that you should be telling US how to handle similar situations in the future. Well done, Mike!

Great follow up, Mike. I can't imagine a better way of handling the follow up. I do hope this numbskull is retrained and the retraining *sticks.*

Some of the things going round in my head when I was standing there are not repeatable. I am not a violent person but when I walked away I was shaking lol xx

lol my advice to anyone would be to stand their ground and not allow them to get away with it because if they do they will get away with it more and more. I am tempted to write to the network rail and let them know about the situation, but I would feel bad "double reporting" him lol xx

I will get a letter written. What I will try to do if I remember is scan the reply into here so you can see what is said. I am proud of myself as well... even a month ago I would have cried and ran off... I am getting slightly better. My cutting is right down as well... one cut in the last three weeks :) xx

It will be zero times in a month within the next few weeks. I am not going to let this beat me. It is only the last few months that I have wanted to get better psychologically. I have been cutting since I was 11 and first tried to kill myself when I was 12. I do not want to be like that any more. People on here have been such a help... I wish I could repay that in some way xx

Yer it does. I wish I had had the confidence to go to the doctor and start the process of recovering years ago now. I do not feel like such an emotional wreck any more. I am beginning to leave some of the past behind now which is good as well x

Earlier treatment would have lead to more pain management but if fibro truly doesn't harm our body, then thankfully no harm was done to your body on that end of things. And few men apparently do feel the need to go to the doctor for fibro. I can understand why. Who wants to admit to a disease that basically brings you to your knees and you have no control over?

Yes, you do seem to be emotionally stronger now Mike. And I'm truly excited and delighted to hear you say that you're beginning to leave some of the past behind now. You bet it's good! It's fantastic and healing. You really have a strong mind and heart to be able to do all of this in such a short period of time.

I cannot deny that I am still having days when I want to die, but I am coping with them a little better. I am seeing a psychiatrist, cognitive behavioural therapist, occupational therapist and community psychiatric nurse at the moment for mental health problems and I think the support from all of them together is what is making the difference.

Whereas fibro may do permanent damage to us it does require medication to manage that can do damage, and cause tolerance etc. For example should any of us be involved in an accident the morphine we would be given to help would have less effect than it would on someone who has only ever had paracetamol/acetaminophen. It is the mental health I regret not seeking help for earlier. Because my fibro symptoms started around the age of 12/13 I went to the doctor then because I was young and did not need to act manly because I was still a boy lol :P xx

wow mike i would not have been so calm or nice. so far i have only had problems with my family. i do get looks when i take advantage of the riding carts in stores.

I think that perhaps you will have to go to the trouble to report him as nicely as you can, otherwise you will always have to worry if you have to deal with this man or one like him again. Find out if 'they' are actually allowed to question your disability and refuse to accept this card because you don't look sick.

People will only walk over you if you let them! don't let them!

Yes, Mike, I understand you. But you were very young and probably not quite sure who to go to or perhaps you felt too afraid to go. I had the chance when I was very young (but back in my day the victims bore the blame for abuse, I'm afraid) but I was too afraid to go and sat glued to my school seat until it was forgotten about. You can't turn back the clock to change the past but you can do everything within your power to have a good life NOW. And you look to be a very young man so you have many, many years to work on things and to enjoy the benefits of your work.

PS: Your support team sounds wonderful! Bless you, Mike, this is a real gift. Run with it and do your best! You'll have a much, much better life for it.

Well, that's a good point, to ask if they're allowed to question you on your disability. My guess is "no," and that he breached some sort of ruling on the rights of disabled individuals. The feckwit.

Mike, I give you a lot of credit for remaining calm when dealing with him !!! Why??? Do people think just because we look fine we are ok, maybe we should shave our head, or wrap an ace bandage around our head… Ugh it’s frustrating !!!
Glad you reported him !!!
some people are just plain stupid !!!

LOL at the picture of running around with a shaved head covered by an Ace bandage wrap! Sounds like a new Brittney Speares look.

P is a PRICK. People can be so judgmental! I work with them daily so I know. I would have to say many disabilities are invisible to others. Such a shame. I guess you should shut down your fake I.D. Making side business. ;0 I am speechless and sorry you were given such trouble. If we could wear our pain and such visibly people still wouldn’t understand.

Mike, you are amazing! You handle these situations so well and set an example for others who are less assertive. I’m really happy for you, that you’re getting well and cutting less than before!! You’re doing a great job!!! Many hugs!!!

Thank you... I am really bad for wishing things were done sooner, if they were I would still be thinking the same, that I wish I had done it even sooner etc. I really want to look forward instead of back but it is hard to lol :( xx