Hello, I am wondering who / what in your life has inspired you? It could be a teacher, family member, experience, etc. For me, I think I would have to say my 12th grade Psychology teacher, she inspired me to reach for the stars and provided a landing place when I fell. She encouraged me to get back up and try again. I will never forget Mrs. L - she was a great teacher. Come on all, let's think hard and have fun with this, I love to hear inspiring stories :-)

Hi Auburnm,

I would have to say that recently my Primary Care doctor said something that really inspired me. I was talking with him about how difficult it is to work and how I keep pushing through and he stated, "You are one of the only patients on my panel with this diagnosis that continues to work". I felt very empowered by that and it has give me inspirtation to keep going and be proud of the fact that I push through this daily despite the obstacles and am able to continue to practice social work. I love my job and social work defines part of who I am. My PCP said this statement with a very warm, positive outlook and it has stuck with me throughout the tough days.

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Golly, what a hard question to answer! I have often thought of the "who is your hero" question and have yet to come up with an answer. I have people in my life who have inspired me to do various things, each one of them contributing their own special piece.

My grandfather was in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam in the Air Force. He was my rock during my time in the military, especially after he died while I was on active duty. My mantra became, "if he could do it during war time, I can do it during peace time!"

I find that I'm more inspired by random comments from people towards me. 15 years ago I had someone I barely knew tell me that she admired my forthrightness and blunt honesty. For years I had seen it as a bad thing, all it took was one person to see it in a positive way to get me to see it in a positive way. Now I embrace that part of me. I worked on the in-patient mental health ward at the VA hospital in Phoenix. I was talking to one of the patients and one of the doctors overheard me. When my discussion with the patient was done, the doc pulled me aside and told me how great my tone of voice and body language was with that patient. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of communicating and understanding others. Now I couldn't imagine living life without reading body language first!

Sometimes it's just the feeling that I'm admired by someone I admire. That makes me push myself harder and see the worth in myself.