Injection and IV

Has anyone ever had the injection and IV?

I am schedule to have them and was just wondering if anyone could tell me how they felt after. Or if they experienced any side effects?

Oh and I know it been awhile, so here an updated. I got my disability, I am getting my pills now, and they are trying this new treatment. This new specialist seems great. He knows my goal to go back to school to become a paralegal and he is geared up to help me reach it. So though I’m sore and it’s gonna be a struggle. I once again have HOPE!

hi dee. can you tell me what injection and iv you are referring to? all the best



Hi Suzie:

It lidocaine IV and anesthetic injection. I had my first set of shots yesterday and my first IV today. I am still tender from the shots but the IV has actually help with that. I was just worried because I have to work this evening and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to function. But so far so good. Other than feeling a little tired I feel good. Although I’m used to feeling tired so I guess I should just say I feel good lol

Deanna : )

Hi Deeconfused1

I hope your new doctor can help. I take iv meds for lupus and am doing fine with it just watch the site for redness or swelling.

Hello Deeconfused,

That is great news. Don't know about the injection and IV tho'. The important thing is, your specialist knows your goals to go back to studying, and you felel so positive about it. Good luck

Take care, Anne

Well felt great yesterday but today not so much. Hoping this is normal.

Thanks purplebutterfly I will make sure to keep watch.

Thanks Anna positive thinking is key

This can be normal for many people . Once you find the right combination for you the not so great days may not be as bad.

Remember Think Positive, don't give up, learn to pace yourself, eat well.