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Increased pain after surgery and abdominal issues?

Hi Everyone! I had my appendix removed one month ago today. It was taken out right away in an emergency because it was infected and about to rupture. I was in the hospital 4 days due to severe pain and blood pressure complications. Ever since then, my abdomen is tender with a constant dull ache, I have lost my appetite and I have nausea off and on throughout the day. I feel yucky! My doctor said because I have fibromyalgia, this is normal. I have my normal Fibro issues and flares here and there but has anyone had this pain, ache, nausea after surgery because of fibromyalgia? My GI motility is very, very slow. I haven’t had surgery since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia so I don’t know what is normal. Does anyone relate to these issues? I feel sick and alone.

Yes, I now realise it’s quite normal. I had kidney problems and sepsis and once it had been cleared up I still felt immense pain and just really woozy. I now know it’s because of Fibro. After invasive treatments such as an op, you are going to have to remember that recovering will take a lot longer . I wish you well and hope your symptoms subside soon. Just don’t worry about it.

I feel so sick right now. My stomach hurts and I feel like I ate two large steak dinners. It’s 2:04 in the morning and I’m miserable. I ate dinner at six this evening. I ate waffles. I really feel like something is wrong but all the tests are negative. Thanks for your help.

Hi, I also had my appedix taken out recently. The first month will kick you on your ass, even if you’re a normally really healthy, the best thing you can do is drink lots of water, get plenty of rest and manage the pain. Ask for support if there’s no one taking care of you, making meals and handling small tasks will not be possible. By month two most of the pain will subside, you may get phantom pains occasionally and some bloating (try to drink herbal teas to clear stomach issues). Good luck, you’ll pull through. I know it hurts, and its a little scary. Rest your body and your mind.

I have not had surgery, but a very bad chest infection. I noticed the pain was extreme when I was ill with the infection.
Karen xx

A friend of mine told me about her daughter’s post surgery nightmare. Now it wasn’t for her appendix, but she had the same problems you’re having. It turns out that when they opened her abdominal cavity they knicked the lower part of the stomach. So it was leaking stomach acid into the abdominal cavity.
They said if it had been lower and on the small intestine she would most likely not have felt pain like that. So if it is still bad a month later don’t give up. It’s your body saying something is wrong.

I know that my recovery keeps taking longer and longer than the prior surgery. But intense pain like before or immediately after shouldn’t last more time 2 to 4 weeks depending on what was done.

Sorry to hear about your issue, BUT, that’s fibro for you. Did doc give you an antibiotic if appendix was inflamed? I’m always glad when all my tests come back negative, but to me that means only that I am not dying. Fibromyalgia is strange… we can ache too bad to walk, hurt to much to drive, don’t sleep at night, have surgery that seems to never end the pain…but the tests show nothing. I am 76, had fibro 40 years. only 2 things really help me. first is praying out loud. AND, I have slept with a teddy bear for 40 years. I have 3 (one for every type of fibro pain) one is 3 feet tall with arm and legs that stick straight out, and holding him is like holding my husband (when i had one!) the 2nd is middle sized, really soft and cuddly, and the 3rd and oldest one is the size of a 6 month old baby. They help me more than pain pills. Call me Crazy, but that works for me.

This fibromyalgia thing sucks! I had horrible all over abdominal pain and fierce nausea. Last Wednesday I had a friend bring me to ER…again. They admitted me for observation. I was seen by a GI doctor. The next morning my PCP came in my room and told me that the GI doctor believes this is psychosomatic and did I want to see a psychiatrist while I was here! I do see a psychiatrist and she knows this! She has been my doctor for about eight years. This past year she just blows me off when I see her. She told me on Thursday that all my tests came back fine. They discharged me Thursday night. This last Friday I did see my psychiatrist. I showed him on my phone all my test results. He said that my CT scan shows I have an ilius. This is why I’ve been having so much nausea and abdominal pain. So part of my small intestine is not working. It’s not moving food or fluids through the rest of my small intestines. He told me how to get them to work. The whole hospitalization was traumatizing. I was not believed or cared about or taken seriously or treated with kindness and compassion. This is Freedom. I was the one who initially wrote about my appendix surgery.

I’m of the belief that probably Every surgery cut to our body causes trauma and does so much more damage. I live now going on 10 yrs with many horrid complications from hip replacement in 2010, and sciatic nerve damage from hysterectomy in the 80’s, so that’s about 40 yrs of damage. And 10 yrs from the major hip job.

I hope you took this finding back to your pcp and/or gastro dr!! Please keep us updated.:heart: I was reading about ilium on-line and most articles state this needs in hospital treatment to resolve. Here’s one:

Does an ileus go away?

In most cases, ileus goes away by itself when the main cause clears up. The goal is to manage symptoms until movement in the digestive tract returns to normal. Treatment takes place in a hospital. … These may be needed to improve movement in your digestive tract, or to ease pain.