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Increase in flare ups

Hi, I’m new to this message board. It’s actually the first one I have ever joined.
I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a few different doctors over the last several years but was in a state of denial. I kept thinking it would turn out to be something else that had a ‘cure’ but I have tested negative for everything else. None of the medications I’ve tried have worked either because of bad reactions or just no relief. There are no medications left for me to try at this time. Hopefully something new will come out and provide us all with some relief.
My flare ups have increased significantly the last year. I’m currently on a short leave of absence from my job but will return March 3. I’m extremely anxious that I won’t be able to continue working in the near future. My anxiety has increased tremendously the last 7 months. So much so that I have found a counselor. Hopefully he can help with that and the depression. Apparently I’m also going through menopause so that adds another dimension.
I’m wondering how many of you have thyroid problems? I’ve been on medication since I was 16 for hypothyroidism. About 2 years ago I suddenly started getting hives when I get too warm. Never had them until then. My doctor has me taking Zyrtec with prilosec twice daily. Does anyone else have hives?
I’m looking forward to sharing and getting advice with other people who can relate and understand how it feels. It’s so hard because there is no visible sign like a broken leg that people can see.
Thank you in advance😊

Your story sounds alot like mine. I get hives and I take blexten for that daily after seeing an allergist.
Chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU) is a form of chronic hives that results in itchy, red bumps or wheals on a person’s skin. People with CIU usually have flares that come and go for several years, but doctors haven’t identified a direct cause.
Not sure if this is related to what you’re going through and it also doesn’t give an answer to why but hopefully a solution. I see a counselor also she is great.
I really look forward to seeing her, I have had bloodwork for thyroid it was high but not past the"normal level"… Another thing I will eventually educate myself about. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response. I appreciate it. Hopefully the hives will disappear as quickly as they started. Steroids keep them to a minimum when I know I’ll be in a hot climate. My husband and I are off to Maui next week for our 25th anniversary and I will be taking them while we’re there. It’s unfortunate the heat causes them since warm weather makes me feel so much better.
Thank you again

Your story sounds very similar. I too have hypothyroidism, and am going through menopause. I’ve have a severe sun allergy since I was diagnosed that I never experienced before and do not test positive for lupus. I was tested for a viral load panel that I had a positive panel for Epstein Bar , Kawasaki virus and herpes simplex 1 (oral virus) so was told that was why I have chronic fatigue syndrome. I also have a rare form of colitis that was diagnosed the same time I was being diagnosed with fibromyalgia all confirmed by Mayo’s clinic. I too struggle with depression and anxiety. I see a counselor and have quit working and am waiting for disability to start. I understand your concern about future work and being able to perform. I agree that not being able to manage this disease with traditional medicines is frustrating ! A lot of us in this group know the disappointment of meds not working-It’s more common than not. . I wish for all of us strength and grace to get through this and help each other make the best of it. Lots of good advice here ,caring people and information as well as inspiration. Just wanted to say hello welcome you , your not alone . Looking back at old topics may give provide with information you are looking for. Happy Valentine’s Day .

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I’ve had lots of unusual health issues and suspect I’ve had Fibro for longer than my official diagnosis. I do have low thyroid and I have had idiopathic hives that lasted for over a year. They came and went with no apparent reason. I just take one illness at a time and drive on. I’m on cymbalta, Lyrica, klonopin, mobic, and Nucynta. I worked as a teacher until I was almost 65. Just take it one day at a time and believe you will have good days ahead! Best to you as you look for help.

Thank you for your response. I appreciate it a lot. I also have heroes simplex 1 (oral). It’s amazing how these are all connected.
I’m doing my best to check myself as my doctor suggested. Although, I did overdo it last Friday and have paid the price since. It’s frustrating that simple things can cause a flare up but it can always be worse. I try to stay as positive as I can. You know how that is. Thank you again. Have a happy Valentine’s Day to you too😊

Your approach to taking one illness at a time sounds like a good plan. Cymbalta was an awful experience for me. My body did not like it all. I’m happy to hear that it works for you. My doctor said it can provide relief for some people. Thank you for your kind words. Have a good Valentine’s Day☺

Do you notice if the flare ups are somewhat related to barometric pressure changes…its been rockin and rollin…

Over the years i have noticed when we travel to dry climates my pain is greatly reduced…

Can you relate the hives to some product?

One of my daughters only got them at my house, and we tracked it to a seventh generation hand soap…

I have chemical sensitivities to go with my fibro…so products like cleaners etc can be a challenge

I believe everyone has varying degrees of Fibro. I take desiccated thyroid support, Naturethroid. I never did well at all on the synthetic stuff…Levo…More fatigue overall.

I have been taking Grape Seed Extract for 25 yrs and believe this antioxidant keeps me from the horrid flares I hear so many have. It’s powerful and thins and cleans the blood… And supports SO MUCH in our body systems. So Much…

And I’ve posted about the HGH and I’ve been using a transdermal homeopathic gel for a year now. I’ve posted a lot about HGH in general. If one wants to know what I use, send me a message. It costs me $4-5/daily but worth every penny. I’m 82 this year and was given the Fibro dx in my 60’s…but I deal with a bodywide mess of arthritis and all worse since hip replacement in 2010.

There is so much to work with for this “stuff” and I avoid the pharma drugs that are pushed by big pharma. j

Yes, I do notice a difference when the barometric pressure changes. It can also cause migraines but mine have been greatly reduced by CBD. I’m fortunate to live in a state where I can purchase it at my pharmacy.
The only thing we came up regarding the hives was heat. Just to be sure I changed my soaps but it had no effect. It’s winter now so I haven’t had any outbreaks besides a few spots when I was ill.
Thank you

I’ll definitely add grape seed to my daily routine. Thank you for recommending it! I appreciate it.
That’s fantastic you have had a good year. May it continue😊

You are very welcome and MAY you appreciate the improved overall health it’s given me in the almost 25 yrs of taking it.

On the HGH and I was thinking about this in the early hours when I do a lot of t hinking, all the people who are using the HGH in our lives and who were very hesitant are all doing so good and continue to order and use it. They would not be spending their money on something that does not benefit them, same with me. I live on a senior fixed income and am cautious with my spending.

Hi! I’m not really sure if I’m having Fibro flares or not. But the past seven weeks, I’ve had more horrific pain then since I was diagnosed 11/2 years ago. I always have chronic pain from Fibro but this pain seems different. I’m in pain more days than not. The pain keeps me awake almost every night. I’m getting three to four hours of sleep at night. I spend hours in bed just trying to find a comfortable position. I can hardly walk. I’ve had to cancel many planned events. I thought if you were in a Fibro flare it would occur for days and days and then subside. I am in excruciating pain for two days, have maybe 15 hours of less pain, then have awful pain for 5 days, then have 2 ok days, then back to horrible pain. Oh, and the fatigue is maybe worse than fibromyalgia! Does anyone agree with me? Also, I get short of breath when I move something’s and have to catch my breath. I’m 51 years old and was in pretty good shape physically. But now it seems like any sort of activity causes shortness of breath and exhaustion. I know I’m complaining. Sorry. I guess I’m frustrated. I’m sure many of you are too. So here’s a big hug to all the Fibro Warriors!:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

I’m not sure why my flare ups are more frequent either. They have really gotten worse as well. Do you live in a colder area? Im in the Pacifc Northwest and the weather really gets to me. I’m also struggling with how I react mentally when I feel bad. It makes me stress, feel anxious and depressed. Do you feel like that too? I just started seeing a cognitive behavioural therapist. I’ll let you know how it goes. Hang in there. You are not alone. Tomorrow is another day and may it be a good one for you☺

Started the grape seed extract. Thank you for recommending it.

Hope you have a good day😀

And hope you the same, some changes are subtle and some are profound, like for me with the elimination of allergies and sinus issue. But then too I have taking it so long that I KNOW what has changed in my life…take care.