I'm so upset

Ok heres the story what caused me to be really upset.

I met with a supposed friend and i asked if we could talk more on the phone than one email a week and meeting for an hour a week.She said no its a burden on her and shes gets vertigo when she gets on the phone.Then in the next sentence she says she stays on the phone for an hour and a half with her brother! im an atheist and hate getting preached at and she said my lonliness is caused by not having god in my life.Thats bs.She had the nerve to say she was hurt byu me saying i will never believe in god..Im really angry and upset.Good to know who isnt my friend and who is now.Im playing heavy metal music and thinking about what happened in my head.

A real friend doesn't limit their time with you & a real Christian wouldn't judge you (about your beliefs or your 'loneliness') Near as I can tell, she helps you because God makes her, but not my place to judge her (or him) either. Loneliness is feeling like 'no one else can relate to how I feel'. You can be in a room full of people & still feel lonely. That's what this page is for. It's a place to talk (type) our feelings.

I love heavy metal, even though I look like an idiot. I'm a little old for it, but I don't care :) Music can help you when nothing else can. Rock on & I'm here if you need someone to chat with. Best wishes, Barb

Thank you for your kind words.I dont think shes a true friend and ive had enough.One bad person out of my life.Thats great you like heavy metal too! :)

Hello Queenpink,

Totally agree with two other posts, You don't need friends like that in your life! As an older lady I also like heavy metal. so just enjoy the music.

Take care, Anne

thanks ladies for your support i feel a bit better.I can make better new friends!

Friends don't have to agree with you all the time but they do have to accept who you are and love you whatever your beliefs, likes and needs. I sincerely hope you will fill your life with friends who will do that, be it online, on the phone or physical meet ups. I'm not surprised you were upset as the implication that time with you was a burden not a joy would certainly have upset me.

I will try and be careful on people to befriend in real life in the future.Thank you for your sympathy

I have had several supposed friends who, for one reason or another, turn out to be no friends at all. Like you, I would love to have someone to talk to on the phone, and maybe meet once or twice a week (or more as we are able).

Although I believe in God, I have no problem with atheists. I fact, I rather admire anyone who can cope without the "comfort" of religion. And I can really relate being angry at God, or not believing in God--it does seem like God doesn't much care, if She is even there at all.

Your loneliness is not from not believing in God, it is from having few or no friends. I have a few "normal" friends, but they are all so busy with their lives, working, taking care of kids and elderly parents. I wish they would call me now and then, or come see me, or make plans to meet up, but they have no time.

If you are at all interested in making, at the very least, a new telephone friend, let me know. I would love to have a new friend, and I love heavy metal music. Just an offer, no pressure.

Gentle Hugs, Kimberly :)

Thank you kimberly your kind words mean a lot. and i understand where you are coming from.Im in ireland so i dont think we can be phone friends unfortunately :(Thanks for the offer though i appreciate it.

Oh, dear, I guess our phone bills would be out of sight! Too bad, but hugs and I hope you can find a *real* friend!

Kimberly :)

Hi, it sounds like to me her response has a lot more to do with her than with you. Could be she feels threatened or uncomfortable as a believer that you don’t believe in God. If she doesn’t want to be friends with “unbelievers” then she should just tell you that and not make you feel guilty about what you do or don’t believe in. She is not acting in a true Christian manner by saying these things to you and I agree that you don’t need her in your life. Try not to let it hurt you and move on, hon. Xo

Im sorry she isn't being a friend to you. Because if she was she would make you a priority I don't think she cares to get it.She may be causing you more stress being in your life than not. As for me I have lost most so called friends and reallu don't have any deep friendships but when your home allot whats one to do?..Hopefully you have better friends than that other than her you can count on...if not we can chat. :) Lots of hugs

thank you heldbywings ive been distancing myself from her and i would love to chat with you :)