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I'm so tired of doctors


My goodness. I have not found a dr that I like. They tell me fibromyalgia isn’t debilitating .
That I can’t possibly be in this much pain. Depression is causing it. Now I found out I have severe osteoporosis and have a compression fracture in my L2. I have a private disability company along with my SSDI. He said he’s not signing the papers in 6 months that my physiatrist has to do it. He says I’m not permanent
I’ve been dealing with this crap over two years I’m not sure what to do?? Any ideas??


Hi Cammie, I am sorry to hear that. When dealing with doctors, I try to remember they work for me, I pay the insurance costs and copays. Have you tried explaining to your doctor you feel like he isn't listening or helping? Do you have the option to search for another doctor? Everyone needs to feel comfortable around their doctor. Have you asked your doctor what type of job he feels you can do with the medical conditions you have? Maybe if he has to think about it he would see it differently. Are they able to do anything for the compression fracture? I am sorry it has been tough. Hugs!!


Hi Cammie

Sorry to hear about all your problems. It sounds like you have had a rough 2 years and I sympathize. I believe an orthopedist would be the best doctor to address your back and to figure out if you need surgery. Another aspect is not to bring up the fibro as a big main stage problem (although I agree it is severely debilitating) and to get the doctor to realize your compression fracture is extremely painful. They should be more sympathetic to the compression fracture than the fibromygia, sad to say, and hopefully sign your paperwork.

That is my bright idea, hope that helps. And i hope you get some good news soon.



I have had this fibro or whatever it is for 20 years cost me 2 marriages and a few jobs because stress makes it worse. I thought of trying to get pain pills but that’s a good way

to ruin your life. Lyrica and other meds make me feel like hell. I have had a heart cath, and every test known to medicine. Amazing they cannot figure this out. Lately even walking for exercise makes me tired but I’m going to try swimming again. No one you live with or talk to can imagine this pain. Today’s not a good day!


Hi Gsandoz, I am so sorry today is not a good day, I am sending you soft hugs and I hope it gets better soon. Hugs!


Hi Cammie,

Big hugs to you. I am so sorry that you have to deal with so much frustration and suffering from this disease and your struggle with non supportive medical professionals. It sounds like some great suggestions have already been made and I wish you success in gettiing the help you need. Please keep us updated on how you progress with getting help. Hugs!!


That is terrible. I am sorry to hear that. I really think you need to find a new doctor. Fibromyalgia and osteoporosis are both permanent conditions. I have never seen any article or heard any doctor speak otherwise.


Thank you everyone. I’m on 2700 gabepentin everyday. 25 mg fentinal patch , cymbalta.
I don’t sleep hardly, bad issues with depression. I’m taking my husband with me to my next dr,appr.
They act like I’m crazy and it’s in my head.


Hi Cammy:

Ithink you are very smart to bring your husband to you doctor's appointments. I learned very quickly when I started bringing my husband the doctors take me more seriously when they see my husband agreeing with my symptoms. Sometimes my fog prevents me from understanding everything the doctors want me to do so his second pair of ears help a lot.

If you don't mind, what is the fential patch for? I am on Gabepentin and it has helped me with some of the pain , but not the sudden lack of energy and fogginess.

Gentle hugs, Pam


Has anyone ever had chemical patch tests to see if you are allergic? My brilliant allergist did the patch test on me and found out I am allergic to fragrance mix and chemicals. Bleach especially makes me sick. Does anyone have similar issues? Hopefully going fragrance and chemical free I can feel better.

I have had fibro for many years having tests from heart caths to whatever---you all know the route. Learn to rest and then move forward. I took on too many jobs and invented a product that is doing well on QVC---could do better if I were not sick half the time. I do feel grateful as I thought I would not be able to work at one time--now, trying to cut back on things not worth being sick over.