Im not sure what just happened

I’ve been experiencing symptoms daily since September of 2017.
Includes pain popping in my joints, TMJ, naseua, vomiting, dizziness, extreme anxiety, muscle cramping and twitching, floating pain, and high sensitivity to light and sound.

For the last few nights I’ve had insomnia incredibly bad. About an hour ago I got extremely sick to my stomach when I was laying down and I got up to go vomit, my muscles became almost too weak to stand. I felt like I was going to lose conciousness and I barely made it to my bathroom floor. While I was there all I could hear as a high pitch ringing. After a period of time it faded away and I was in a cold sweat. Along with muscle twitching and a pulse through out my body.

If anyone has any clue what I just experienced or an inkling it would be a great deal of help.

That sounds really scary! What did your doctor say?

If it mostly happens when you stand up or sit down maybe look at POTS? I’m not an expert at all… but that’s another rare disease that I’ve read people complain about how long it takes to get diagnosed…

I hope that whatever it is you’ll get answers soon! And that it’s something simple to fix!!

That sounds like what happends when I get a flu, especially the can’t sleep. It may be something worse but try and stay comfy for a few days, rest, and see a doctor. Hope you feel better! <3