I'll be away from the computer for awhile

Because I know some of you notice when a member disappears, I will probably be doing so for awhile. Seems both my phone and my computer have decided to die at the same time. Since I'm not sure when the budget will allow replacing them, I may be sporadic as I have to find a computer to log in with. I am well, though, and will miss everyone.


Wendy, thank you for letting us know, please do stay in touch when you can …
Hugs & prayers you can replace your phone or computer soon
We will be thinking about you :slight_smile:

dee B

Oh, that stinks! But it's good to know that you're okay right now, Wendy. I wish I knew of a place that sold good and cheap computers so you could get back on line quickly. I hope you can find a way to log on and catch up with us but you just take care and try to stay "well" (as well as one can be with fibro.)

Hugs and sympathy,


Hi WendyL I hope you can replace those soon. If you have a library close by they have internet access. Let us know how you are when you can.

Thanks for letting us know Wendy. We will miss you, but know why you will be gone or at least sporadic.

Hi, Everyone,

I'm back. My phone is working, and we bought a cheap Nextbook that allows us to at least go online. Can't do my embroidery digitizing or all of the other things I use the computer for, but I can keep in touch! (lol) Nothing more important than that.

It's good to see what my online friends are up to.


Im glad your back!!!!

Yes, Wendy, we're glad you are back.