If only I could sleep...really sleep!

I was just telling Pam that it's getting more and more difficult to sleep flat on my back, I haven't been able to lay on my sides for years, so I'm thinking of having the husband hang a rod somewhere, where I can either hang like a bat, or roost like a chicken! Problem there is if my feet and legs would hold me!

I have tried to sleep face down for years now, and have been unsuccessful, because of my neck! I'm thinking my next bed may be a chiropractic table, those I can sleep face down on!

What keeps you from sleeping? It seems as though at least 95% of us have this problem

Sounds like a good answer to me, the new body!

Oh yes, I know about falling asleep here, wrenching my back to catch myself! UGH! The Klippel-Feil is a wicked one to deal with Pam, so sorry you have to continue to go through it!

What about a heavy duty air mattress or a mattress topper for the camper? Would that help? I know you like to go and I know you are really looking forward to seeing the kids, so I guess you'll tough it out!

No more tripping allowed now, it's been done! Hope you can soon get over that, you were lucky you didn't go through them! Hope the injections will help you out, and make the trip easier for you!

I have trouble falling asleep my nero doctor changed the times I take my meds and this seems to help. I try and read for awhile before I go to sleep. I have raised the head of my bed with small blocks and I have all kinds of pillows on it. I have the most trouble sleeping when I am stressed about something. I also play native music and try to do some light streatching before sleep.

sleep????what's that???

SK, sorry to hear it! Before I had my Nortriptyline dosage upped, I was thinking the same thoughts as you, like suspending myself in a sling or hammock then hang like a bat in order to sleep!

Have you tried any of those egg-cartonesque mattress covers? Maybe two layer of them might help?

I find that the whooshing noise of my CPAP machine helps to put me under, Have you considered buying a CD of sounds to lull you to sleep? And what about using scents to aid in the pursuit of sleep? Lavender is supposed to be a great calming/sleep agent due to its smell. You could even tuck a sachet pf it into your pillow, if you like scents.

I doubt it but would a recliner be comfortable to snuggle into at night?

Or yeah, maybe that chiropractor's table, after all!


What keeps me from sleeping? Before my Nortriptyline was increased, I found that every trigger point area in the neck was activated, as if someone was playing the computer version of Simone says on my back, where a person pushes in the random patterns that Simon created. And a really super horrid deep down back/hip pain would awaken me. If I got up and moved around it improved, luckily.

I really dread getting back to that point, especially as I'm at my highest dose of Nortriptyline. I'm very sympathetic to your sleep issue, SK, because it IS hard to find a single place/position where you don't hurt. And even the stupid crinkles of the blankets/bedsheets hurt to lie upon. Plus, if you're like me, you're wide awake in the early morning hours. I mean, it's great for winning things on Ebay when they end in the early AM hours, because no one else is up to bid against you, but that's about the only benefit of it.

Great ideas, PB!

MIMI, you might possibly have a sleep disorder bringing on those nightmares:

Tonight I took my first Sonata, so we'll see how that goes! I'm a little concerned as I have the baby,but Mom and hubby are here! I do feel a little woozy, so just maybe!!

Without question, it's my back that keeps me from the good sleep!

Wish me luck!

Hope you are well, Pet!