If It's Not Anxiety Why Do I Feel Better With Clonipin?

I get hit with pain during the oddest times, just like all of us do. I carry my emergency drugs with me all the time. Clonazepam and Vicodin. I use the Vicodin very sparingly and when I do I use 1/2 tablet at a time, sometimes a full one, which are effective doses for me. It's usually for severe back ache or neck ache. I have found, however, that the Clonazepam (not sure I'm spelling that right) is actually more helpful for my all over fm pain. The Clonazepam was prescribed for anxiety to get me through some very stressful things going on last summer. It worked so well for my pain that my Dr wants me to keep using it, as needed. I am able to cut it way back at times, which has helped maintain its effectiveness. I haven't become "immune" to it's helpfulness.

These aren't the only drugs I take. I do take Lyrica, Celexa and Wellbutrin. I am real sensative to meds, so I have to use very small doses of these two different ones for anxiety and depression.

I just wondered if anyone else uses Clonipin and if you have similar results.


i know that u may not realize that you r having anixiety but you may with severe pain. i have been in hte er with severe pain and asked if i was having anixety and i said no but they felt i was and would give me antiaxixety meds and sure enough i would relax. i notice when i am in alot of pain i seem to tense up and clench my teeth. some times i dont even realize it.

i was on clonipin but it was given to me for spams in my back. it worked wonders for that. so many drugs are made for one problem but can help with another.

its great that u can take the lower doses of meds and they help. i am at the point where the highest does of narco(its the same as vicoden just less tylenol) i have to take 10/325 and at times it doesnt help. i will soon require the next step up which is oxicodine aka perkocet.

many hugs to you


Hi L-Kitty,

I take Valium at night as a muscle relaxant, and if you read the first sentence of the above thread, you will find that this can be used as a muscle relaxant as well. When you consider that Cymbalta is also used, and who can know how many other anti-depressant meds are used for pain, besides an MD or pharmacist, it makes sense.

I do think there is anxiety involved with chronic pain, how can there not be, plus pain makes us flinch and tighten up, hold ourselves tightly, so these type of drugs, help us loosen up.

My GP had been giving me Xanax, after drugs like Skelaxin were worthless to me, then the Rheumaotlogist said he would rather I take Valium as it tends to stay in the body longer.

Hope you continue to get relief from this!

Love and hugs,


Correction...I meant to say effexor not wellbutrin in my original post.

SK, thank you. I'm finally getting to a place in my life where I can focus on myself and this condition a little better. What you have explained to me makes perfect sense. You are absolutely right about tightening up. Noise, confusion, fog, social anxiety, etc, all make me/us tighten up. That explains the effects of the clonipin.

Yes, I hope I continue to get relief from it too. I am very fortunate not to work outside the home. I had to leave my high stress job in 2007 because of pain, anxiety, and so I could care for my wonderful Dad and Mom. Anyway. I take "medication vacations" from vicodin and clonipin. Days where I plan to do nothing but make dinner. I think this has helped with being able to use lower doses effectively. I have to do this because my body won't let me use higher doses of anything!

I sure do appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience. I will become more familiar with many medications as I use this site. It is a God send. Thanks again.


Thank you Eeyoreluver. I know that what you say is true! I do tense up when anxious too.

It's so hard to find the right combination of med's. And each one of us is different. I look around and realize that I don't even know what some of these drugs do that other posters are using.

Wow, I don't know what to say about your own drug battle. I wrote to SK below about my own experience. I am at a place right now where I can take the "medication vacations". It took me awhile to get here and I had to because my body started to react differently to it. I'm super sensative to all the drugs. I did go through terrible withdrawls to get here and did it with the help of my MD. Now I am able to schedule days during my week that I stay home and dont use it at all and I don't do anything, I just use my maintenance meds. I want to try to keep from going up to the next step, if I can. It hurts. But, it's what I have.

Eeyor, thanks for sharing with me. I appreciate it so much. I hope and I pray you get relief from your pain.


Klonopin is a very strong muscle relaxer. In fact, according to my doc, it is the first med of choice for treating restless leg syndrome. Just be careful… It is highly addictive. I used to take it for sleep but do not take it all any more.

Hi MBP-P. Thanks for your response. I just want you to know that since you wrote I have been more concious of my klonopin use. I have slowly been reducing my dosage. I realize that I will still need to use it, but will be more cautious. I have been through withdrawls before. Once for vicodin and once for another ( that I can't remember right now...it's the synthetic version of vicodin) and it was so awful. I use vicodin very sparingly and when I have to use it often I take a vacation from it soon after. I'm doing the same with klonopin. Addiction is a difficult thing to add to our complicated drug regiems. We try to avoid it when we can!

Thank you,


Klonopin is a fantastic muscle relaxer. This type of med actually helps with my IBS. It relaxes the colon and takes away about 90% of the pain. You might try asking your doc?

Thank you enuf. Yes, I found that by reducing the klonopin some of the symptoms that I haven't been experiencing lately have resurfaced. My doc says to use as needed. We have taken the dosage down quite a bit, but will not quit it. I need it.