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Well today although struggling with no energy and the constant pain throughout my body, I managed to get up and meet someone new who also suffers with FM. It was so nice and relaxing talking to someone else who understand and has the same struggles you do. She gave me a new hobby to try which may help to take away some of the pain, COLOURING!! Never thought of this and haven't coloured in a very long time so hey I figure lets give it ago, It may help as it gives your brain something else to focus on which doesn't include a lot of concentration. She is 30 years older than myself and has a lot more experience than i do.

I doubt anyone will ever read any of my blogs but it is ok as it still makes me feel better to express myself, As i have no one to talk to...


Colouring! Who'd have thought it would be such a help? I started colouring in 'art therapy' books recently. First I thought 'there's no way' - I have fine motor / coordination issues. I gave it a try anyway. To my surprise I found the colouring fun and very relaxing. Sure I go over the lines or sometimes mark the page by accident but so what - lines are made to be crossed!.

Glad to read you found something helpful. I cannot promise to always read your blog but do not stop! Use your blog to inform or just express yourself. Even better - have a 'rant' now and then on your blog - let the steam out so to say.




Yeah i thought it to be a great surprise, I am still attempting to find new things to help get through the day, but it is proving more difficult than i thought. Don't worry if you don't i'd completely understand I'm just glad i have someone reading them.. It is a great way to express yourself and it seems to make me feel a bit better. Do you live in England?



Was just logging out but email notified me to reply :)

Yes! England. Born and bred in South East Durham.


Sometimes it is difficult finding the time to write.. Email notifications are really helpful :) Im from England too but North Devon area. I thought pretty much everyone was from America.. As Fm is more well known out there.


Coloring really works


I just wanted to comment about coloring. I have always done decorative painting and craft projects, but with my fibro so bad and the depression, I just can't seem to get started on a project and if I do, I can't finish it. One day I came across a coloring book that one of my grandchildren had left behind and I sat at the kitchen table and colored a page. It was very relaxing and can easily be completed. I asked my husband to pick up a couple of coloring books and crayons at the local discount store. He even bought the Crayola 64-count box of crayons with the sharpener built in! Anyway, it is very calming for me & helps with my anxiety. I have also seen coloring books for grown-ups for sale on sites such as Amazon, HSN, etc. I don't care for those, as I prefer the simple pastoral pictures of kittens, puppies, farm animals, flowers, etc. you find in the children's books. Anyway, just wanted to put my two cents in and let you know that it is not an uncommon "hobby". Sorry I took so long to respond, but I haven't been on in a while. Take care and color away! Hugs!


This is such a coincidence but I just discovered an app called "ColorFY." It is digital coloring for adults! Even though I am an artist, I've not been able to paint for the past few years. I got the app on the Amazon Kindle app store for free, there are also some great designs for a small in-app purchase. Check it out!