I Spoke too Soon!

HI everyone - First of all I had an awful time getting this site up. But, now it's working. Do you all remember last week - when I emailed and said I had been sick with the flu and Tinnitis of the right ear? I also said that amazingly I hadn't gotten a flare-up either. But I had the usual aches and pains that go with Fibro. Well, I have to be honest - I am still sick and have an appointment with my nurse, Megan this afternoon. However, I did wake up this morning with a flare-up in my back! I spoke too soon!! It has been an awful 8 days and I am getting really impatient to start feeling well again. I received my first book that I ordered from Amazon this morning, on Fibro. Another one is coming soon. Have already started reading it and I think the book was written about me!! LOL I am hoping that Megan can get me on the road to feeling better soon. I have so much to do and it's all piling up now. I am a very organized person, so when things pile up, it drives me crazy! Hugs!! Laurie

i hope that u got the help u needed from your appt. i know how hard it is when we get behind on things from sick. sorry u had issues with the site i can imangine that it was driving u crazy. let us know how u r feeling. many gentle hugs

Hi Eeyore! Thanks for responding! I wasn't able to make my appointment today for my Tinnitus. Why? Because I was too sick to go. Vomiting non stop! My nurse, Megan - was kind enough to fax over a prescription to the drugstore that I go to and my son picked it up for me. I have to be patient with my ear problem, because there is no cure for it. I have to just let it run it's course. However, I don't mind this part - but having the 24/7 nausea just sitting in your stomache all day and night, is a little too much! When I have the nausea, it makes it really impossible to do anything. If I get up and move around, that makes it worse. If I stay in bed and try to watch TV, that too makes it worse! Like my Fibro, I can't win!! (Smile). I am tired of always being in a 'no-win' situation! I just have to remain calm and hope for the best. This wonderful website, though, takes my mind off of it for a good portion of the day. I find when I get concerned about someone else, I don't think too much of what I am going through. I continue to have issues with this site. Have you had any problems with it? When I try to click onto it, a website comes up that Ben Munoz is trying to fix the problem. It's been going on all day. But I have found a way to work around to when I have to. Hugs! Laurie

You are not the only one having problems, I sent Scott a message, but surely he knows.

I have not had any problems getting on the site. I wasn’t able to post the discussion I wanted too but other than that I am having no problems.
I am sorry u r so sick with your ear problem.
At times I get on this site when I don’t feel good and I see who I can help. It usually does take my mind off my problem or pain.

Hey Laurie,
How did it go at the doc appointment? Was Megan able to help you at all? I sure hope so, sounds like you could use a break! What book did you order? I had to giggle because I ordered one too…well 2 actually. What your doctor may not tell you about Fibromyalgia and The First Year: Fibromyalgia (patient expert on the first year of diagnosis)
I most definitely know what you mean about being an organized person. I hate being behind on anything, especially now that I’m not working…makes me feel guilty and I hate that feeling!

Hope you are feeling better!

Hi Tina - Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get to see Megan yesterday. About 2 hours before I was to go for my appointment, I started vomiting again.. I have a terrible history with Tinnitis and Megan knows me well. I called her office and one of the nurses said she would see about getting my medication filled for the nausea. My son, Jason went to get it for me. It's a medication that is used for patients having Chemo and radiation. Also, it is used for patients after having surgery. It works pretty well and originally it was given to me after I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis 3 years ago. That's weird that you have ordered 2 books - as I ordered 2 books as well. However, I was disappointed to see that both books were published in the 90s. I need to get updated ones. I didn't pay attention to the year the books were written. Love, Laurie