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I should have found this site long ago


Hi everyone, my name is Ben. I’m 56 with a ridiculous list of medical issues such as FMS, CFS, COPD, Migraines, RA, OA, Depression, Anxiety, Diabetes, HBP, Spinal Stenosis Surgery, etc., etc. I have 15 or so different medications including Norco, Lyrica, Cymbalta, Trazadone and Flexeril, among others, as well as a medicinal marijuana card holder. I see my general, rheumatoid doctor and pulmonologist regularly. I have physical therapy 2x a week, I’m scheduled to see a psychiatrist after the first of the year.
I’m pretty sure I’ve suffered from clinical depression several times during my life, but nothing compared to what I suffer now. I gave up a good job about 6 months ago due to all the usual reasons. I have luckily finished my battle with disability.
I’m hoping that being in the presence of others that suffer might help me reconcile. I’ve exhausted all my coping skills and like so many of you in hanging on to my sanity by a thread.

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Hi Beri and welcome! I have a long list too such as being diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy to having a heart transplant to having a kidney transplant. Also had a stomach surgery called Nissen Fundoplicatio, Fibro, melanoma etc. I’m only 37. I’m surprised your on both Lyrica and Cymbalta. Cymbalta is known to make depression worse and my doctor took all her patients off of it. I guess it does work for some people but those I know that come off the drug their mood gets so much better. I am on Paxil for anxiety and mood. I have a friend with CFS and suffers daily. With all your diagnoses I’m wondering how they came up with you have CFS since all of the problems your dealing with create their own level of fatigue. It’s definitely not easy. I hope your days get better and am glad you found this site.

Take care

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Hello Ben. Welcome. Fibromyalgia is such a strange world to try to navigate. Symptoms that are like a strange constellation of things - I am always wondering “is this part of it?” ‘could this problem be related to fibro?”. I enjoy medical research and then again, I get overwhelmed by it. And then there are the emotional consequences of chronic fatigue and pain. I am 60 and my husband and I have only been married for eight years. We love each other beyond belief and have enjoyed getting to know new friends together -except that for the last couple of years. Lately I can barely stand to make arrangements to go out because really, well, I am too tired from dealing with pain and anxiety and sadness coming in and out to want to do anything but stay home in soft pajamas. Hearing that I am not the only one in this boat (and goodness - am I ever not the only one! So many of us) is helpful. I hope it helps you,too.


I also have fought sever depression. Just a couple of thoughts–has your doctor tested your mineral blood levels–especially iron? Both Lyrica and Cymbalta make me very depressed. Talk to your doctor about them. I think talking to a psychiatrist is a wonderful idea. I have one a talked to, it helps,especially if that person is knowledgeable on chronic illness. This is not something we planned for our life and requires grief work.