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I really need some help! Costochondritis?

Oh boy… My body is fighting with me right now and I’m exhausted. Sound familiar? Who has had or knows about costochondritis? It feels like someone is pressing on my chest. My sternum and xyphoid process are very tender and have been this way off and on since I had my appendix out in December. When I move, my chest hurts. Over a year ago I had a similar pain, ended up in ER and was worked up for a heart attack. Everything came back normal. I have been having Fibro flares every night for several weeks. Why??? Why is this mostly happening at night? I fall asleep and then I move while I’m asleep and the pain wakes me up. I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried everything I know to help. With costochondritis, has anyone, women, felt like their bra was too tight around the lower part of your chest? It would be under your breast and wrap around to where the clasp is. Is that tightness and dull pain costochondritis? Has anyone had these symptoms? I’m going to stop writing. I’m so tired I can’t write anymore.

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Dear Freedom, i am so sorry to hear your pain because i know just how awful it can be. I have costochondritis also, but thankfully not all the time.

When it is happening, i do not wear a bra, just a cotton undershirt mens’ “U” kind.

Stress worry and tension make it worse for me.

Breathing exercises help settle me down as i have to focus on the breathing and the counting.

The two best tools in my personal healthcare toolbox are distraction and ignoring. That sounds either facile or silly but it is not.

If i can distract myself with something that needs mind and body attention and action, i can successfully ignore anything up to about 8 on a scale of 10.

Reading doesn’t because i stiffen up if i am still too long.

Anything over 8 is a pot of hot, sweet, strong tea, an epsom salt soak, and a nap with heating pad.

I hope that this bout passes soon and you get some rest and relief.

Do take care! ra🐢

I too have had tge unrelenting pain which makes wearing a bra feel like a cruel form of toture. From the pain in the center of your chest yo the pain that intensely wraps itself around your body and crosses the center of your back. I’m not sure what its called but it does make sleeping extra extra challenging. Sorry to hear you suffer as well hun. Prayers for you :pray: .

I completely get the whole bra thing. Yikes! When I got home today,I had shortness of breath which has been occurring off and on for a month. I am under the care of a doctor and only get it with activity. I Have recently wondered if I gained so much weight that my bra was too small. But I’ve lost 35 pounds. I have rib pain, chest pain and that crazy I can’t get my bra off fast enough pain. I know it’s not cardiac in nature. I was was worked up and all the tests were fine. It’s the whole fun with Fibro stuff. I’m sorry to hear other people are suffering with this type of pain in addition to fibromyalgia pain.:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: