I phone apps

Has anyone tried any pain management I phone apps? Have they worked for you?

I do use some relaxation apps and brain wave apps that help.

I also love "Apps gone free" it is a free app that asks apps that are for sale to be free just for a day. I have gotten many free apps that keep my mind distracted on days were I cannot do much.

I have gotten several relaxing sound apps from there and lots of little games. Killing zombies is great to do when I have had a bad day. Beating pillow does not work for my fibro cause I wind up hurting me. but killing zombies on my i phone helps get the frustration out.

The free apps are all the whole version not some scaled down thing.

I also set an alarm app to music Because I seem to forget to feed the dog at night, A nice soft alarm reminds me without aggravating me.

Any apps that work for you or help you dealing with fibro?