I need to work but cant keep a job

i had a nanny job in Augest for the wicked witch and that job only lasted about a month. then i got hired a nanny with a great family and great kids. everything was fine and now that job is gone b/c of something with the grandma and her needing to move in. i didnt get the whole story.

my step dad went on for an hour or more about how i need to look into another field of work. here is the problem i have no computer skills. i worked as a waitress from 16-18 years old(i am now 30). so there is now way even if i wanted to i could use them as a reference no one i worked with is still there. i have had jobs as a ft nanny or infant room teacher but that was before the fibro reared its ugly head. all my skills are in childcare mainly infant care.

i had not worked in 3 years and then started again because my mom needed help with the bills. i helped with family during the 3 years to make money hear and there. my whole life has been one job after another. some lasted a year or so others 6 months tops.

i have next to no skills and i have no idea how to find a job that i can do. every job wants a list of skills and past job experience. i just dont really have one. i havent worked a job that took out taxes in 4 years or more. as a nanny all u need is a list of people who can verifi that u r a good sitter/nanny.

on top of finding out i no longer had a job today my car broke down and has everyone stumped as to what the problem is. i was doing better with my derpression thanks to my new cat. but now i am right back in the dumps.

if any one has any idea as to what i could do for work with out having to have experience in that field or typing skills please let me know. i can work a register cause i had to as a waitress. i really need help and i have no where else to turn. i am pretty much open to any type of work i can afford to be picky. right now would be a great time for my disability to get approved.


eeyoreluver aka stephanie

Stephanie, I’m so sorry, I know you enjoyed that job… Ugh , well, where are things at in your disability ? You don’t want a job to mess that up, print the list of symptoms that Renie posted and give it to your step- father.
Don’t let him pressure you, but I say look for another nanny job, or babysitting,
If it won’t interfere with your disability, what about a daycare, or adult care center,
Waitressing is way to much running & being on your feet,
Do you have an Aldies food chain ? The cashiers get to sit and ring up grocery’s
I will think about it tonight & see if I have better ideas for you tomm, my brain is in a fog, lol
Hang in there… Give that kitty a hug
Hugs & blessings

This might possibly be of some help:


I remember you telling us about your job. I am so sorry. I always say the best class I took in hs was typing. But you can still learn. I don’t know if you have access to a library. They usually have tutorialials. Of course, your car would have to be fixed. You could go back to your register skills.

I hope you can get your disability, but it is not good to keep working up until you do.

Eeyore, I surely hope everything works out in your favor. God Bless hon.

Hi Stephanie

Have you thought about getting help with Vocational Rehabilitation? This is a government funded resources for job placement for those of us with disabilities. I also have Lupus, and they are working with me to find something less demanding or they'll work with my current employer.

Make sure your disability rep knows about your job losses.... not being able to keep a job will help your case even though its frustrating for you. I'm sorry your step dad lectured you. Its not what you wanted to hear, I went through something similar this summer - I'm 50 and I never expected I'd be thinking about disability. I work in a warehouse - its hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. I can't physically keep working like this, so I have to reduce my hours and change what I do. My counselor and my husband told me I needed a change.

Hang in there : ) Trisha

Good Morning Stephanie, Work is harder for people who suffer from fibromyalgia because you never know when you're going to have a flare up. I'm not sure were you live but do you have a Department of Vocational Rehabilitation? They can help you with getting training or going back to school or finding work. There are a lot of people without work that need to acquire new skills. The other thing that you might want to think about is applying for SSI or SSDI I've been on it since 1993 and am trying to get off of it by returning to school to get my degree in Social Work. I had a job as a caregiver for two years but it damaged my neck and I had to quit that job because I can only able to lift 10 pounds and the requirement was 25 pounds, I am still looking for part time work but nohing has come through yet but I do have friends who let me know it they here of anything. You should be proud of yourself for even trying to look for work because a lot of people without fibromyalgia have just given up! Hang in there and I am proud of you!

I'm in an almost identical position. I have worked childcare for about a decade, with interspersed retail and a two week stint of data entry (had to quit that because of one of the worst flares of my life)...I have no idea how to make money in the 'real world' and graduated with a BA in philosophy and a minor in English, so it's hard to apply that to jobs...

I think now would be a good time for all of us trying to get disability to get approved...

Stephanie, can you clean homes. I don't know how bad your fibro is but maybe you could clean homes. That way you could work at your own pace, and select your homes. Have you already applied for disability? I will be praying for you.

Blessing to you.

My aunt is trying to get hers. She cleans for me at her pace. She stops and rests. If the vacuum is not heavy, it shouldn’t be horrid. To me it would be.

Hi Eeyore - so many times I see myself in a lot of the discussions - and what you have written, I have been there, many times. I can't help you in suggestions of what you can do - but I can offer you a listening ear and be there for you. It looks like you filed for disability?? Please tell me if I am wrong. I had to file for disability about 7 years ago, eeyore I wasn't too happy but, at that time I was extremely hard on my having fibro and feeling like I was just failing in everything that I wanted to do with my life. I wasn't trained for anything that would've brought me a good income. But, finally, I found work with a animal hospital and was there for almost 13 tears. I loved it and it was very hard to make a decision to quit and try to take care of myself. The hospital was also getting new management - which wasn't good for the employees there, so it was a good time to get out. I know the frustration of trying to find work, when they want skilled people. I have always wondered WHY these employers can't take someone that's new and just train them?? Can you tell me when you applied for Disability? I can maybe give you information as to how to speed it up. I also have had the hassle of my car breaking down at the worse moments. Stephanie - you are not alone in what you trying to do with your life. It's I feel, very hard for people with our illnesses to plan anything. On top of this, we get people that are so impatient with us, that I could just scream!!!! (smile). I hope what I wrote you helps you a little bit.. I wish I could do more for you. We will have your back always and I am sure people on this website will have an awful lot of suggestions that can get you through and help to improve you life.Love, Laurie

Hi Steph,

Sorry about the job. I know you really liked it. I agree with the others about vocational rehab. There is an office here in Philly that helped me during my college years. They are great and offer free classes. They do a thorough evaluation to determine what type of job would be good for you and then get you the training to be eligible. Do look into this.

All the best


thanks that is a great idea it would let him see how diverse this illness really is. i will do that and make sure i check all that applied to me.

the thing about being a nanny is that almost all nanny jobs are ones where u get paid under the table. so there is no record of you working. i know that this may not be right in some eyes but i honestly had no idea that this field of work was like this and many of the families did take out taxs but the last few have not.

thank you for researching and find this for me. i have made an account with them and i will see what happens. i wish i had your research skills.

thanks i am not really sure what to do right now i am going to talk to my grandparents to see if they will help and give me the money to fix my car. i am hoping to meet with them in the next few days whenever i can borrow my moms car. i have to work it around her work schedule.

i have never heard of this but i am going to check it out. i will make sure to tell them about my last jobs and let them know why i was let go. i hope that u can find a good job that will work out for u.

some one did mention this to me in this dissicuision. before that i have never heard of it. childd care can be very hard if u work in a daycare center. i have worked in infant rooms alot 1st as a assittant then as a teacher. if u werent feeding a baby then u were always on the go tending to the needs of one baby or another. who ever thought 1 teacher for 4 babies was enough was just crazy. 12 babies and three adults didnt always work we had many times were we had to have an extra set of hands.

being a nanny is not so bad if u just have one baby. i was crazy when i took a the job in august for 2 year old twin boys. i have no idea what i was thinking. come to find out the mother was insane and demanded way too much. makes my head hurt just thinking about her.

but i will have to say that tring to work with fibro is very hard. i remember work an 8 hour shift as a waitress with no problem. if i tried to work that now i would be in tears and most likley pass out from all the running.

i totally agree. they need to speed things up.

oh and i love the pic of your cat. i recently found a Maine Coon cat in my neighborhood. he has been with me for over a week. i called everywhere i could think of to report him missing but no calls. has is so attached to me. i love him so much. he is my best friend and never very far from me.

thanks sue. i had thought of that but i have major problems with the smells of like windex and pinesol. we had to change to all natural products. i have asthma and i have problems with strong smells. i know that some people let u clean with what ever u want but some people want u to use only certian products.

i thank you for the thought and i will check out compines and see if i could clean with what ever i wanted. i do like that i could take my time.

thanks Laurie sometimes i do need someone to just listen cause my parents r not good at that at all.

i applied for dissiabilty in april of 2011. i have been denied twice and now wiating to be heard in front of the judge. i have a local law frim working on my case. i found out about them through a local support group. they say that they win 90 percent of their cases once it goes infront of a judge.

thanks Maria i am going to look into it trust me. i need help to find a job. this searching on my own is just not helping.