I need to really learn this site

I need to take some time to really look at everything this site offers, where people are posting that I may be missing. I can’t help if I don’t see what is going on! I looked up some quotes so I will share those today for you all. I hope you are having a pain free Sunday. Or at least a better than usual day!

  1. I think it’s weird how some days I feel reasonably healthy, and other days I feel like a busted can of biscuits.

  2. Due to brain fog all of my thoughts have been grounded until further notice

  3. Me: I need to do a thing
    Body: You did a thing yesterday, that’s enough things

  4. Brain fog forces us to substitute words…Look! It’s a…vibrating midget bird!

  5. I’ve made it from the bed to the couch. There’s no stopping me now!


Those quotes are funny Gramybear! I also have some things I want to learn how to do on this site. For instance, how do you give someone a heart or…I’m not describing what I mean. I see hearts next to people’s posts. I’m going to stop writing now due to quotes numbers 2 and 4. :crazy_face:

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I just looked, and those hearts are “ likes”. How do you “ like” someone?

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I’ll try to answer, the mods can surely improve on that.
I hope this helps (= HTH):
@Freedom: Under each post of someone else I have 4 things on the right hand side:
The one on the left is the outline of a heart. When you click that, it goes red. That means you have ‘liked’ the post. (That doesn’t necessarily mean you are happy about things in the post, it can also mean ‘support’ for things that are sad or difficult, ‘thanks’ for help, or ‘useful’ for good ideas, but also enjoying it. So you are actually right when you say that you are liking someone, rather than the post, because you are liking someone because of the post.)
To see the latest likes others have given you, you click on your avatar/picture at the right of the top of the page.
The second most important thing in the line under the post is on the right hand side “reply”. If you click on this, your reply is an answer to that post and person, which helps everyone see that more clearly. If you just go on reply under the thread, then you are replying in general, not to that person/post, which can get confusing if a lot is going on.
Another way you can make sure someone knows you are addressing them is by putting the @ in front of their name, which I am doing in this post by addressing @Freedom and @gramybear.
The third most important thing is under your own posts: There is no heart there - we all are hoping everyone here is liking themselves all the time, and striving for that ;-). But second from left there is a pencil. That lets you edit the post for about a month(?) after you’ve written it, which I do continually… :slight_smile:

@gramybear: To see all the latest posts, wherever they may be hiding, we can click on the 3 horizontal lines (hamburger menu) in the top right corner, to the left of your avatar/pic. Then click on ‘latest’. Learnt that from @AussieMom. A keyboard-shortcut for this is pressing g and then l (for l-atest). Learnt that from TJ at @ModSupport. It doesn’t work in certain situations, like now when I’m writing a post myself … gl. Learnt that by repeatedly trying it out. :slight_smile:


Aw. that makes a lot of sense with the @ sign before the name. Thank you @JayCS

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Thank you JayCS!!!

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Hehe, now try thanking again, but this time try to “reply” directly to my post… :sweat_smile:

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Hi JayCS! Thank you for your wisdom and support. I will write more tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

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Yeah, I LOVE those quotes! My explanation for fibro is sometimes “picture getting hit by a car. Then fast-forward three days to a week.” That’s how it feels for me, like my 90 y.o. in a 56 y.o. body, or some such.

Hello Annette from Mod Support read GrammyBears inquiry and was going to answer but could not have done it better than Jay C S well done Jay. Love to Both. Annette Moderator.

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I’m not sure how I didn’t spot this earlier, but bravo! You definitely know your way around here, AND are able to explain it. The only thing that I would add, is that there are tutorials posted. If a user clicks on the green butterfly on the top right, that takes them to the home page. If they scroll down, there is a Welcome section, that includes a new user guide.

Sharon from ModSupport

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